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      What types of offices does MyFlex offer?

      shared office

      Are you interested in experiencing the atmosphere of working from a new office? Perhaps you would like to experiment with different offices based on your preferences? MyFlex is here to help. We offer various offices and opportunities to our clients that are sure to satisfy their needs.

      We cater to a range of preferences, from managed offices to personal and serviced desks. We recognize that everyone has their own taste when it comes to coworking, which is why we have created different lounge memberships that clients can choose from. Our clients have the freedom to explore their options and make informed decisions.

      We invite you to read our article and learn more about MyFlex’s office spaces and the unique experiences they offer.

      History of MyFlex 

      At MyFlex, our aim is to create workspaces that foster success. Our team of professionals gathers daily to inspire those who visit our offices, providing them with all the necessary resources to excel at their job. We have two offices – one located at the renowned Megapark office complex and the other at Twins Centre, situated on a prominent boulevard in Sofia.

      Our mission is to tailor individual packages for each client, based on their specific needs and preferences. We firmly believe that work can be made more enjoyable and fulfilling through the provision of comfort and various amenities. That’s why we offer a diverse range of value-added services and all-in-one professional amenities.

      Types of offices

      Here are the types of offices you can discover when you visit MyFlex. 

      Managed office

      Our Managed Offices are an ideal solution for teams consisting of 30 to 300 individuals who seek a fully-equipped workspace that can be customized to meet their unique needs. The offices come fully furnished, and you have the option to add additional enhancements to make the space even more tailored to your preferences.

      With private meeting rooms and executive offices available, you and your team can collaborate and strategize with complete privacy and security. Our Managed Offices provide the perfect setting for your team to achieve your company’s objectives in a professional and productive environment.

      Personal desk 

      You can now experience a productive workday with your very own personal desk at MyFlex. Perfect for individuals and small teams, our monthly subscription-based service offers a smooth and focused working environment. You’ll also have access to all shared amenities, including fully equipped meeting rooms, coworking areas, relaxing zones, coffee corners, and networking spaces.

      Our team is dedicated to providing a highly productive environment with top-quality office equipment, including business-class printers and A/V conferencing tools. Additionally, you can enjoy high-speed internet throughout your workspace.

      Serviced office

      Our serviced offices are designed to cater to all your business needs and prioritize your privacy. With separate, secured spaces available on-site 24/7, you can enjoy a private workspace that is fully equipped with all the business essentials. This makes it effortless for you and your colleagues to work together toward achieving your corporate goals in a comfortable and professional environment.

      Our offices also offer shared amenities such as perfectly equipped and bookable meeting rooms, coworking areas, relax zones, coffee corners, and networking areas. With everything at your fingertips, you can start working comfortably from day one and focus on growing your business.

      Types of memberships

      Here are the types of memberships you can discover at MyFlex.

      Lounge membership

      You can choose our Lounge membership plan for a seamless work experience in our well-appointed common areas and relaxation zones. This plan offers the convenience of working from any available spot for a day or a week.

      Our team of experts ensures a conducive work environment with high-speed internet and cutting-edge office equipment, including business-class printers and A/V conferencing tools. We also provide complimentary hot beverages and water for your refreshment needs on-site. Additionally, you’ll have access to all our open events, which are ideal for sharing knowledge and fostering new connections.

      Lounge Pro membership

      The Lounge Pro membership provides all the benefits of the lounge membership. However, it also includes access to our hot-desking spaces. Each hot desk is equipped with power outlets, comfortable chairs, and high-speed internet. We also offer on-site soundproof phone booths for private and confidential calls.

      Additionally, you will have the opportunity to reserve our fully equipped meeting rooms which are easy to book. These meeting rooms provide a professional space to meet with partners, clients, or conduct interviews. This flexible membership is perfect for those who need a professional workspace outside of their home office and want to be surrounded by hardworking and like-minded individuals.