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      coworking space

      Creating the ideal coworking environment: lounge and space features

      Using a coworking space is becoming more and more popular among many young entrepreneurs, freelancers and remote workers. All of these professionals have one thing in common and it is that they seek a productive and flexible, creative workspace. The coworking office is not just an alternative to working from home but a whole new ecosystem, designed to foster the wellbeing of all members. At its very core one can see the lounge and space elements, which are key to defining the coworking experience. 

      The lounge area is the place where all workers take a break from their job life and relax in the good life for a few nice minutes. The lounge is not just made for letting steam off but also for networking and sharing ideas. When people are relaxed, there are a lot of good things that can happen. A well-designed lounge area of a coworking space significantly improves the ambiance and comfort and enhances the sense of community.

      The space design is key. Flexibility is a must because the space has to fit as many individual needs as possible, but also the communal ones. Young workers require a huge arsenal of working modes, from those that require privacy and hyper focus, to those that require a big table and conversations. But be aware that simple offices won’t do the job. The coworking user expects access to different workspaces that are equipped with the right kinds of amenities and high end tools. 

      Common lounges are one thing but being able to keep yourself fit while at work is on a whole different level. All the zones, dedicated to fitness, yoga and wellness are welcomed by any member of the coworking space, because this means they will be able to let off steam while being productive. 

      All of these key amenities create a work environment in which every remote worker can thrive and achieve their full potential. 

      What is the idea of the coworking space?

      The idea of coworking spaces came about as a solution to the problems of an evolving workforce. The old office spaces were starting to become old-fashioned and seen as too demanding by many employees and even employers. The modern work environment made physical rental offices stale and staid, because most employees were given the option to work from home and anywhere in the world. Offices were seen as private and secretive, only for the employees of the particular company and if we reverse this formula we can see what coworking spaces are trying to do.

      The coworking philosophy is centered around flexibility. Unlike traditional offices, coworking ones are available for short-term memberships and offer a great variety of workspace options where people can use private offices, as well as communal ones. All members of the coworking spaces are free from the previously mentioned obligations and this is a major upside of the coworking office space. 

      Coworking also allows for networking and creation of a community. Events, workshops, product launches and get-togethers are often held at coworking spaces. This key benefit not only builds professional networks but also forms a community that supports members and ideas by all means, providing a safe space for newness and innovation.

      To add to that, modern coworking spaces are the perfect combination of what workers like about home offices and what they enjoy at an actual office space. The open spaces with natural light, as well as all other amenities such as ergonomic furniture, technology, modern kitchens and many more, are conducive to working in peace and comfort.

      As a whole, a coworking space is a collaborative environment where inhabitants are able to share great ideas while enjoying the perks of a highly adaptable workspace.

      What are some of the most wanted lounge and space features in a coworking space?

      The ideal coworking space includes all kinds of amenities that can cater the needs of all users since everyone needs something different. Some of the most wanted features are a stable internet connection, many choices to sit and work and well equipped conference rooms. When a shared office space provides those things, a productive, comfortable, and versatile environment emerges. 

      Good and stable internet connection

      A good and stable internet connection is a fundamental aspect of any coworking space. It guarantees that members can work without disturbance in all manners of digital tasks – web conferencing, video streaming, e-project management. The shared office spaces tend to supply their members with more than one network option and even additional systems that guarantee little to no interruption to service. 

      Many choices of places to sit and work

      One of the most wanted lounge and space features in a coworking space is being able to choose a place to sit and work from many options. There, you can find traditional desks, standing desks and lounge chairs, which invite you to have a conversation with another member or just to sit back and relax. There seems to be something for everyone in a coworking space and if not, that’s what it should strive to achieve. Ergonomic furniture is a must as well, since it helps people be more productive while being comfortable. The diversity of seating options accommodates different types of work and work styles in a way that few other setups can claim.

      Well equipped conference room

      It is essential that a coworking space has a well equipped conference room, or more of them. Conference rooms have to be equipped with modern audiovisual technologies that facilitate effective and engaged communication between participants. Comfortable seating and soundproofing go a long way toward enhancing the meeting experience. These features ensure privacy and minimize distractions for the users of the room. 

      Why are coworking spaces becoming more popular?

      Coworking spaces are becoming increasingly popular due to many reasons, most of which already mentioned in the article. However, there are others such as cost-effectiveness and the fact that they are, well, popular. When something becomes popular and people hear about it, it’s only natural that they want that exact same thing. So it has become fashionable. 

      The cost-effectiveness of the coworking spaces allows for individuals who are freelancing to have their own space, apart from their home. They are able to craft, create and explore and also have meetings with clients by paying a monthly membership fee that is far from what they would normally pay for an actual office. What is more, companies who have their employees scattered all over the world prefer this method of communication and meeting, because they do not have to pay all the bills of an office but only a monthly membership fee to enjoy a beautiful and modern setting with all needed amenities

      Fashion is what makes coworking spaces become more popular. One company learns that another has reduced its expenses while enjoying a cool office space. This leads to the first company also taking this step. So it just became fashionable to work in a coworking space. 

      Do people prefer working in coworking spaces rather than a traditional office space?

      A growing number of individuals who work remotely find the coworking space a lot more favorable than the old office. The shift offers a potential for change and a revised version of what an office should look like. The active environment in coworking spaces leads to teamwork and cooperation. People who work in them get to meet others who have similar interests and even projects. The way people from different professions are able to work together in a shared office space is evidence enough that alternative office settings can provide a more inclusive, diverse, and, well, interesting work environment. That, along with all tech and non-tech amenities makes people prefer coworking spaces rather than a traditional office. 

      Benefits of a traditional office space

      Traditional office spaces are not always a bad idea for companies. They offer an environment that enhances collaboration and communication among team members and provide essential support services and amenities. Owning or renting a traditional office can improve the credibility of a company and help workers maintain a work-life balance, which is key for most employees today. 

      How to choose a good coworking space for your needs?

      When choosing a coworking space you need to consider its location, cost and flexibility of membership, as well as community and quality support services and amenities. 

      The location of the office space is important. It needs to be easy for you to get to for a cheap price, if you’re not going on foot. Another key point to consider when choosing a coworking space is to know what exactly you’re paying for. Are there any value-add amenities such as kitchens, modern lounge areas, relax zones and modern technology? Are they helping the company culture and collaboration? If the answer is yes, then everything is okay but if it is no, you might be paying monthly or yearly membership just because it’s cheaper and more flexible to use a coworking space. Of course, these reasons should not be underestimated and yet there must be other factors that will improve the overall quality of the working environment. These most important factors will help you in choosing the right coworking space for your needs and creating the ideal coworking environment.

      coworking space

      Boosting efficiency in coworking spaces: top perks and event space highlights

      Cooking spaces are becoming more and more popular every year. Everyone who does not go to an office, from freelancers, entrepreneurs and remote employees can benefit greatly from an open coworking space. Some might say that coworking is not exactly the purpose of these spaces but we disagree. Coworking spaces are effective in bringing out the best productivity in remote workers and certain strategies can boost efficiency even more. 

      For example, the design of the coworking office is essential. If the place has different types of ergonomic furniture, flexible workstations, meeting zones, quiet zones and more, then it can meet the needs of all its users and foster an environment full of productive professionals.

      Let’s face it – community in coworking spaces is important and if the place hosts a variety of social activities weekly, a supportive community will grow in it. This also creates business opportunities and growth, not too often seen in regular offices. 

      Comfort and technology are sometimes absent from regular offices but should be present in a coworking space. Wellness amenities to help reduce stress, such as fitness rooms and meditation areas can help workers enhance their focus. High-end technology and equipment are essential for streamlining workflow and productivity. 

      In this article you will learn about the benefits of an open coworking space, why you should choose it for your next event, as well as how MyFlex can help you in terms of private meetings and events. 

      What are the benefits of an open coworking space? 

      Coworking spaces are the place where creativity is at full speed. There are numerous benefits to an open coworking space. Some of them include flexibility and cost-efficiency, enhanced collaboration, increased productivity, access to amenities and services, work-life balance, innovation and creativity, professional environment and many more. 

      Should you choose an open coworking space, you can enjoy flexibility of membership plans. This benefit is a very cost-efficient way to enjoy a good and highly technical working environment. 

      Enhanced collaboration is key to a successful and effective coworking space. An open working environment facilitates all kinds of positive interactions, healthy professional interactions and even potential new partnerships. 

      Most open and collaborative coworking spaces are designed with the concept of productivity. The furniture and all amenities are ideal for like-minded people to share their experience and business ideas while the newest technical equipment helps it all come true. This environment fosters not only increased productivity but also a motivating and energetic atmosphere that takes over all users of the space.

      The range of amenities, provided in a coworking space such as fast WiFi connection, meeting rooms, administrative support and even workshops, allow all members of the coworking space to focus on their achievements and work and not on how the office is maintained. 

      While they need these facilities to be productive, they also need some places to let off steam. This is possible thanks to the wellness programs, relax and fitness zones in the open coworking space. Even though, still at the office, remote workers are able to reduce stress and prevent burnout by simply changing rooms which is beneficial and more efficient than getting in your car and racing to get to your yoga class. These amenities can lead to a better well-being and overall job satisfaction.

      If you are a freelancer and need to meet your clients, what better place than a professional-looking meeting room in a coworking space? You cannot invite them to your apartment or at a cafè since this seems unprofessional and they might not accept your offer. The availability of a well-equipped room for meetings in a coworking office is the best option to enhance your credibility and make yourself look and feel like a confident businessman or businesswoman. 

      Benefits of a well equipped coworking space

      As stated previously, there are numerous benefits of a coworking space. Starting from the internet and ending at the possibility to do yoga while at work, we can get lost in all the positive things that such a space offers. A well-equipped space, however, means that members can enjoy all sorts of amenities. This includes coffee and water machines, good choice of snacks, private spaces for managing meetings and conference rooms for meetings with their colleagues. 

      Coffee and water machines, good choice of snacks

      Coffee and water machines, as well as a good choice of snacks are conveniences that help workers stay energized and productive throughout the workday. The quality refreshments can help with the need to go out of the coworking office space to grab coffee or snacks, which boosts efficiency and creates a comfortable working environment. Snacks, coffee and water in the office are proven to have an overall positive effect on the workers’ satisfaction. 

      Private spaces for managing your meetings

      Meetings sometimes need to be strictly confidential, depending on the specifics of your job. Private spaces for managing meetings, offered by coworking spaces are essential and ensure discussions remain safe and no distractions are in the way of the success of the meeting. Typically, these private areas are soundproof and comfortable enough to accommodate a professional and private atmosphere. Using such a space in the coworking office makes the overall quality of business interactions more enjoyable and leaves a positive impression on the person or people on the other side of the screen.

      Conference rooms for meeting with your colleagues

      Conference rooms are what we call a key benefit of the coworking space, making it indeed well-equipped. These rooms are furnished with the latest technology which facilitates seamless communication between all colleagues who are part of the meeting. Conference rooms are designed to take in a large number of people. All of these perks make the conference room in a space for coworking an ideal place for brainstorming sessions, presentations and team meetings. 

      How does a private meeting take place in a conference room at Myflex?

      Hosting a private meeting in a conference room at MyFlex is a highly efficient process, due to its top notch amenities, technology and great support services. These key components create a dynamic productive environment for a successful private meeting. 

      Once you have booked the room or a whole space, depending on what your needs and expectations are, the support team of MyFlex will arrange everything that you need for a smooth meeting. This includes seating, supplies and notepads, catering, coffee and any audio/video equipment. 

      When the day of the meeting comes, MyFlex staff greets attendees and welcomes them into the meeting room, where they will be able to enjoy a professional environment and focus on the objectives of the meeting. The modern technology in the room allows for hybrid meetings and high-quality video conferencing and presentations. Its privacy allows for confidential conversations and exchange of information between all attendees and any service meets are met by the MyFlex support team, making the attendees feel comfortable and keeping them focused on what is important. 

      Why should you choose a coworking space for your next event?

      Choosing a coworking space for your next event means that you will enjoy a blend of versatile and modern facilities, as well as a built-in community. Hosting impactful and exciting events that your guests will remember and truly enjoy is not an easy task, but with the help of a professional coworking office and its event space, you can achieve it all in the blink of an eye.

      Versatile and modern facilities

      With their modern and versatile facilities, coworking spaces can meet a full list of event requirements. Inside these walls, there are few limits as to what can be done. Their architecture gives the nod to convenience and efficiency. What’s provided technologically rivals opportunities that have only recently given rise to the coworking event space. High-speed internet, projectors, and a combo of visual and aural accouterments make for a virtually seamless event experience—whether the happening is in real life or online. In the contemporary coworking design setup, there’s also no shortage of ways to enjoy and engage.

      Built-In community

      An exceptional advantage of arranging an event in a shared working space is the existing community. These spaces often serve as centers of inspiration and imagination, bringing together professionals from different lines of business for what can amount to a kind of serendipity. By opting for an event in a shared working space, a company is really obtaining access to an environment more akin to a think tank than a typical (and potentially isolating) conference setup. The community of a working shared space leads to opportunities for networking both during the event and afterward. It can even lead to the kinds of conversations and connections that culminate in real partnerships. The whole setup plays out within a far more interactive and engaging environment for the attendees, who will leave the event feeling like they were a part of something rather special.

      How to organize an event in the coworking spaces of Myflex?

      To organize an event in the coworking spaces of MyFlex, you need to book an event space. You can do that easily through the website. Hosting and organizing an event in MyFlex coworking spaces ensures that your guests will have a memorable and efficient experience. 

      After book, the MyFlex support team will help you with layout and setup, as well as equipment or catering. Everything that will be done for the event is according to your needs and preferences and the team will ensure it is performed perfectly. Trust MyFlex with your professional event and we will provide a smooth and memorable experience both for you and your guests and clients.

      business mixer

      Business Mixers and Socials: Creating Opportunities for Collaboration

      Business mixers and socials in coworking spaces foster a collaborative environment by bringing together professionals from diverse fields.  These events encourage spontaneous interactions, leading to knowledge exchange and new business partnerships. In addition, they help build a strong sense of community, enhancing overall productivity and satisfaction among members. Regularly participating in these activities can also boost creativity, spark innovative ideas, and open up new opportunities for growth. By attending business mixers and socials, professionals can expand their networks and stay updated on industry trends, ultimately driving personal and professional development.

      What are the benefits of business mixers and socials in a coworking space?

      The range of events and social opportunities available in coworking spaces is a significant reason for the sense of togetherness found there. These events provide both members and non-members of coworking spaces the chance to mingle and make connections. Business mixers and company socials serve this purpose best. These events, held in a relaxed setting, introduce professionals to each other, and often lead to the formation of business relationships that can carry far past the coworking space and the event space. Whether you find them at an in-person event or not, adopting this part of the community you decide to join might be the best decision you make.


      One of the most priceless aspects of coworking is the opportunity it gives professionals to network and make those all-important connections that can, and often do, change the trajectory of a person’s business. Networking in a coworking space during a business mixer is a great opportunity to make the next benefit of the event happen – creativity. 


      Creativity should be nurtured with an environment that inspires, and that’s what a shared workspace offers. Young professionals thrive taking their ideas to a stimulating space with a community that’s as varied as the norms and values of their different industries. Shared spaces are a mix of industry standards and often deviant paths to solutions, and in this way, they stimulate from without as well as from within. The more workspaces invest in networking events and shared experiences like lunches and happy hours, the greater the odds of heightening the creativity inside.

      Opportunities for innovation

      Hotbeds of innovation, coworking spaces are where ideas are shared and take shape. They offer an invigorating atmosphere in which to work and think. And they’ve become a more common feature of our working lives. A business that provides shared office space is often referred to as a “workplace-as-a-service” or “space-as-a-service” entity. Coworking spaces mix and blend lots of different people from lots of different industries who otherwise might not have a socially shared venue for inspiration that is work.

      How to plan a successful business mixer?

      To make a business mixer successful, there are several things to keep in mind. First, you need to figure out what the mixer is for and what it’s trying to accomplish. Next, choose a suitable coworking space or lounge with the right ambiance and amenities. From start to finish, the purpose of a business mixer is to connect people. And once you know what the mixer is all about, you need to let your target audience know about it. You do that by inviting them using social media or email. 

      Choose the right event space

      Finding the right event space is a “make or break” decision for a business mixer. It’s absolutely important that the location is not far away, and it must provide plenty of parking or public transportation. The worst-case scenario is forcing attendees to walk long distances or find themselves in a parking nightmare. Also, make sure there’s enough physical space to contain the number of anticipated guests. And while you’re thinking about the guest experience, remember the atmosphere! The lights, decor, and overall feel ought to match the theme and goals of the event.

      Identify your target audience

      It is vital to identify your target audience when planning a business mixer. First, define what the main purpose of the event is—whether it is to network, share information, or develop business. Then you must make the event content worthwhile and appealing to those who might actually attend. What is the event content—reimaging the work the attendees spend most of the day doing, so that the content seems relevant to their lives, their work problems, and their work futures? Use the platform itself. Is it a vision for how coworking in a particular sector can boost productivity and speed to market? Or is it a way to maintain the vibrancy of different neighborhoods? Or is it a vision for how access to a particular kind of technology can change the world? Use these kinds of demographic details when you picture your ideal attendee.

      Promote the event

      The success of a business mixer vitally depends on the promotion. When throwing this kind of event, you should take full advantage of your digital presence, which means using social media of all kinds. It’s a good idea to use as many platforms as you can reach working professionals on—especially ones to which your intended audience is particularly likely to pay attention. Email campaigns are another highly effective way to get the word out, and you can use coworking space newsletters for added impact.

      How to choose the proper lounge for your business mixer?

      Picking the right lounge is essential for creating the proper moods for your business event. Think about the guest count when finding a place. You don’t want to cram everyone into a space that’s too small. And if you’re having a type of the earlier mentioned event with a modern twist, then you flat out want a place that looks like business gets done there. It also helps if the place includes the types of furniture one might expect at a convention center or office reception area; don’t forget seating either.

      bike to work

      Bike-to-Work: Encouraging Eco-Friendly Commuting in Coworking Spaces

      Promoting bike-to-work schemes in coworking spaces is an excellent way to encourage eco-friendly commuting. If our working locations want to preach to us about sustainability, there’s no better way to do it than to walk the talk in a communal sense. “Hey, check out our showers and locker rooms!” “Hey, see all those parked bikes? That’s us! We ain’t helping global warming!” Actually, the bike has been around as a traffic route in people’s lives in some parts of the world for quite a while now. They even have whole bike superhighways.

      Benefits of eco-friendly commuting

      Biking, walking, and using public transportation are all eco-friendly ways to get to work that also offer some great benefits in human cost and, most especially, in health and quality-of-life savings. Using one of these modes of transportation not only gets you to work without any negative impact on the environment, but also ends up saving you money in ticket and fuel costs, since public transportation in many large cities offers a pretty affordable and reliable way to get to work. And biking and walking obviously save you more money than even public transportation since there’s no cost at all associated with them.

      Lower carbon footprint

      The primary payoff from earth-sensitive commuting comes in the form of less in-flight carbon. You can look at the whole subject of “greenhouse gases” as if you were eyeing a super-sized jigsaw puzzle. Why? Because the amount of planet-warming gases that get belched into the sky—mainly by the burning of fossil fuels in power plants—totals well over a trillion tons during the course of a single year.

      Put another way, more than 1,000 tons of gases get added to the atmosphere every second, and each ton comes with its very own arrow pointing at it that reads “carbon footprint.”

      Better physical and mental well-being

      Not only are eco-friendly state-of-the-art selections like biking or walking great for the environment, but they’re even better for your health.

      In fact, they’re good for your heart, lungs, and virtually every other major system in your body. Of course, just about any form of regular physical activity can make these sorts of positive contributions to one’s health, but some commuter activity options are better than others at helping you reap these potential health benefits.

      What are the ways for eco-friendly commuting to a coworking space?

      You can get to a coworking space in many eco-friendly ways. This might mean biking for you, or walking if you’re close. Maybe public transit, even—buses, or well, okay, trains—do the trick. Or if you’re not the one driving, and you can arrange for someone to pick you up, carpooling can save the day. All these processes can reduce the number of cars on the road and overall traffic, leading to smoother and safer commutes (and lots of benefits for the environment).

      How can you make your coworking space even more sustainable?

      To make your coworking space sustainable, we should begin by implementing recycling programs and ensuring the availability of clearly marked bins. Encourage members of the particular space to use less paper, emphasizing the significance of digital alternatives in capturing information and communicating with one another. Reduce electricity use through the installation of energy-efficient lighting and appliances. Choose dishes and silverware that can be washed and used again, rather than becoming part of the growing mountain of single-use kitchen items. Finally, uphold the high values of sustainable living through workshops and events that maintain a community’s focus on being good environmental stewards.

      Switch to energy-efficient lighting

      Transitioning to energy-efficient lighting is a simple but very effective means of making a coworking area more sustainable. For example, LED bulbs use a lot less energy than incandescent lights and have a much longer lifespan. On top of this, the coworking space sees a large decrease in its electricity bill. Also, by using LED lights instead of incandescent lights, the workspace can make a small but very noticeable change in carbon dioxide emissions. All these combined make the switch to energy-efficient lighting an ideal change to make in service of environmental conservation.

      Eliminate single-use items

      It is of the utmost importance to reduce waste in coworking spaces. To do this, it is necessary to tackle one of the main culprits: single-use items. Particularly prevalent in these shared spaces are plastic water bottles, coffee cups, and utensils. The Initiative serves as a role model for neighboring businesses, spreading a positive “what if” throughout the local area: “What if we drastically reduced our carbon and plastic footprints, and what if you did, too?”

      Encourage sustainable practices across coworking members

      Creating a sustainable culture among coworking members is imperative for establishing a green workspace. And if you want to realize this goal, it’s time to get serious about communicating with your coworkers. They, like almost all the people you know, want to feel like they count for something. You know the feeling. It’s the “awe’some” you feel when your action is called out as good and meaningful. So, too, do they. And that’s why it’s important for you, as either the manager or a member of a coworking space, to help them understand that the “awe” they can experience is experienced in direct proportion to the positive impact they can have by doing something good.

      How to choose the best coworking space in Sofia?

      When it comes to selecting the most fitting coworking space in Sofia, you’ll want to take a few things into account. To start, there’s the matter of location. Public transportation and bike lanes ought to be laid out so that your trek is laid back. An amenity-rich building is always a good find. After all, who doesn’t enjoy high-speed internet, a stocked kitchen, and all the fanciness that comes with walking into a space ready to get down to business? Of course, you’ll also want to think about the community there. Is it a diverse mix of individuals and organizations? Is it easy to strike up a conversation? What about sustainability? Is the operation green? All of these are factors to think about when coworking in Sofia.

      coworking space event

      Exploring the Variety of Events Hosted in Coworking Spaces

      Why are coworking spaces so popular in 2024?

      Coworking spaces are collaboration hubs or community centers where office workers can come together and collaborate or discuss various topics, irrespective of their backgrounds and cultural and/or religious differences. These social spaces in an organization provide excellent networking opportunities, thus proving the power of community.

      A coworking space can bring together professionals and experts from diverse educational backgrounds, professions, and industries to create a collaborative environment. In such healthy collaborations, attendees share their skills, knowledge, ideas, and experiences. It further brings in new business opportunities, partnerships, funding, and effective team collaborations. Due to the popularity of coworking spaces in modern-day workplaces, these have become great places to host different corporate events.

      This year saw the dawn of many new workplace trends, one of them being finding flexible spaces beyond the conventional notion of the usual office desks and the four walls. These collaborative coworking social spaces can evolve into a more dynamic and efficient community that promotes sustainability, innovation of ideas, skillful development, personal and professional growth, and more futuristic goals.

      6 types of events you can host in a coworking space

      There are endless fund activities and games you can host for your employees to boost effective team collaboration, skill sharing, and work productivity. We assure you that these events will help your existing team players engage and inspire each other toward active participation. Here are the six most enthusiastic and engaging coworking space events.

      1. Game nights

      Game nights are fun activities that you can conduct every month. These exciting game nights also help to shift one’s focus from work towards the inner self and personal wishes. Game nights have the potential to bring employees together and bridge the gap between team leaders and members. Such activities may include interesting board games, truth or dare, rapid-fire rounds, video games, etc.

      1. Networking events

      Try hosting events that focus on learning and club them with having lots of fun. Networking events are one of them, in which a get-together of team members and leaders is organized to foster business relationships and boost professional growth.

      Participants can get the golden opportunity to share their ideas, knowledge, and unique strategies for achieving their goals. It also helps each member broaden their discovery of new opportunities and strengthen their professional connections.

      1. Start-up demo night

      For startups and small businesses, demo nights are excellent opportunities for entrepreneurs to showcase and present their unique business ideas and innovations. It further helps to broaden their network with company representatives and investors.

      A demo day is a showcase day wherein the founders or directors of a startup company are invited to pitch their unique products or services to potential investors. It gives the newly launched businesses a wonderful opportunity to connect with investors and introduce their brands by providing a demo.

      1. Launch product night

      This is a must-have event at every organization. Every time you launch a new product or service, or even when you introduce a new rule or policy, celebrate it. It’s a milestone your company has achieved, and it has been possible because of team effort and everyone’s joint hard work.

      Organize launch parties and arrange a little wine-and-dining event. Besides, such events will also help you understand which employees are interested in which product or service. Moreover, it will increase interactivity, collaborative discussion, and a smooth flow of ideas. Launch parties also boost companionship and bridge the gap between top-level managers and team members.

      1. Business talks

      Choose a suitable event space to host business talk sessions and panel discussions. Make arrangements to invite guest speakers to share their valuable insights and ideas about how you can achieve success following the paths of industry experts and leaders. Discuss the recent market trends in such panel discussion sessions and devise specific approaches toward attaining certain marketing objectives.

      Business talks will also help employees and team leaders plan strategies for scaling the organization and improving ROI. You can also identify your professional and personal goals during these talk sessions (if you haven’t already). These events will help team players learn new approaches and skills, which allow them to break free from monotonous desk work.

      1. Margarita Mondays

      ‘Monday Blues’ are here to stay in the upcoming days. However, what can make a Monday more enthusiastic at work is organizing Margarita Mondays to help your team members find a purpose for working for your company every day.

      Arrange for a little drinks party, probably clubbed with a dance party with partners. That will motivate employees to come to the office on Mondays rather than dropping leave emails. Your employees deserve a little break from those boring spreadsheets and enjoy an energizing margarita.

      How to choose the right coworking space for your event?

      While we have helped you brainstorm different event ideas to keep your teams focused and efficient, it’s also vital to choose the most suitable coworking event area. The event venue should have the right environment to boost a positive mindset among employees and improve work efficiency. Consider the following factors to choose the right event location.

      • Determine space requirements based on the type of event and number of heads you have.
      • Take a tour of the space.
      • Define expectations and probable outcomes of arranging a coworking space event.
      • Put employee satisfaction above everything else.
      • Analyze the community space and amenities they are offering.
      • Ensure that the location is convenient for a majority of your invitees.

      We hope the article helped you decide on the appropriate space for your coworking events. Also, the article should be able to inspire you to organize engaging games and activities to boost team collaboration and productivity.

      coworking space

      Celebrating Earth Day: Sustainability Practices in Coworking Spaces

      What Is The Idea of Earth Day and When Do We Celebrate It in 2024?

      Earth Day is an annual celebration that marks the birth anniversary of the modern environmental movement that took place in 1970. The day is celebrated in honor of this movement’s achievements and to raise awareness of the importance of protecting our planet’s natural resources. Earth Day is observed on April 22 every year to show support for the protection of our environment and nature for future generations.

      5 Sustainable Practices In Coworking Spaces

      Co-working spaces are bringing revolutionary changes to the modern-day workspace, thus allowing employees, freelancers, and business owners to be a part of a healthy and positive business ecosystem. Here are the five most powerful strategies to maintain sustainability in your coworking space.

      1. Recycling Bins

      Being a responsible team leader or top-level manager, you should make recycling easy for everyone in your workspace. Install recycling bins in and around the common office spaces, especially around canteens, common rooms, restrooms, coffee machines, kitchens, desks, and other similar spaces. It will promote a clean and positive work culture while protecting our natural resources.

      You can also encourage your employees to reduce the usage of single-use plastics to increase recycling habits, thus reducing plastic waste. Also, focus on replacing the traditional one-time-use cups, plates, or cutlery with reusable and biodegradable alternatives. Furthermore, educate your employees on the importance of differentiating different types of waste, segregating them, and using the appropriate bin for the correct type of waste. For instance, the dry and wet wastes will go inside separate bins.

      1. Food Waste Composter In The Kitchen Area

      Modern offices have kitchen setups wherein employees can get their meals and refreshment beverages on the go to keep them going for long hours. To make food taste more manageable, companies can install advanced electric composters in the kitchen to convert food scraps into nutrient-rich compost that would be further beneficial for plants.

      In the composting procedure, helpful microorganisms are used to convert kitchen waste into organic matter by breaking it down. These ‘good’ bacteria stimulate aerobic decomposition through three main phases – drying, mixing, and cooling. So, use composters in your office kitchen to reduce food scraps more efficiently.

      1. Offer Benefits For Sustainable Commuters

      Sustainable commuting refers to sustainable transportation ways that have positive environmental and social impacts. It involves an energy-efficient, low-zero emission commute that contributes toward reducing the planet’s carbon footprint. Furthermore, it also improves the air quality for every individual.

      Therefore, you can provide your employees with sustainable transportation benefits, such as by offering affordable commuting facilities, including alternative fuel, electric vehicles, or domestic fuels. It not only saves transportation costs for your workers but also saves fuel and safeguards the Earth’s natural resources.

      1. Host a Sustainable Workshop In The Event Space

      Consider hosting a sustainable program or workshop to motivate your employees to maintain sustainable coworking spaces. Educate your community regarding the need to follow sustainable practices at the workplace. Host an engaging workshop in your office’s event space and educate all participants on the importance of waste management, recycling, etc. Such practices will not only enrich your work culture but also boost productivity in your teams.

      1. Organize a Plant Swap Between Employees

      Now, this is a fun event that would further accelerate teamwork and promote a healthy collaborative culture at the workplace. You can ask your HR team to start a game of letting every employee swap the plants they won with another plant owner. In this enthusiastic plant-swapping activity, plant owners can bring in plants from their homes and exchange them with the plants brought by their peers.

      You can choose a specific location or spot in your office, such as the community area or event space. Motivate every plant owner to come forward and take the initiative of swapping their plants with those brought by others. It brings goodwill and a positive work culture where workers will support one another.

      Besides, try decorating your office interiors with plants to introduce greenery in your workspace. It will boost energy levels and uplift moods while improving the air quality. Not to mention, plants will add a visual appeal to your office interiors and improve the mental well-being of your employees.

      How Do Eco-Friendly Initiatives Enhance The Overall Coworking Experience?

      You can reduce office waste and improve your team players’ physical and mental well-being by taking the above sustainable and eco-friendly measures. Coworkers can work in a positive collaborative spirit, thus boosting productivity and team spirit. Following eco-friendly practices and developing good habits will make coworking easier and healthier.

      Furthermore, by maintaining a clean and green office space, you can minimize the risks of diseases by promoting healthier air quality. Positive workplaces also enhance the mental well-being of the employees, motivating them to stay healthy while allowing peers to keep good health, too. That’s because an organization’s success and prosperity depend entirely on the mindset of its people and the quality of life they are enjoying.

      coworking space

      Inviting Guest Speakers to Coworking Spaces: A Guide for Event Planners

      Coworking spaces have revolutionized the way work happens. Their advent and entry into mainstream imagination have been beneficial for employers and employees. Coworking spaces enhance the productivity of employees, bolster networking opportunities, enable employers and organizations to cut costs without compromising on employee well-being and operational quality and so forth. Moreover, coworking spaces also double as a customizable event space. From conferences to work parties to hosting guest speakers, the event space rental of a coworking can really do it all. Join us, as well delve into the basics of the topic and how you can invite guest speakers to coworking spaces. 

      6 steps for planning an event in a coworking space 

      It is incredibly easy and hassle-free to plan an event in a coworking space. However, you still need some structure and routine. A few basic steps can help enhance and streamline the process. 

      Choose the right speaker for your event

      The first step in hosting a guest speaker in a coworking space is, of course, inviting the right speaker for your event. To do so, you can first start by understanding your demographics. What kind of employees are frequenting the coworking space, what are the pertinent problems employees are facing, and how can a speaker help attend to those issues, and likewise. When you know what your demographics and the most relevant issues in their lives are, it gets much easier to filter a list of guest speakers for the event. 

      Contact the speaker early, so you can see if they are interested

      Secondly, remember to contact the speaker as early as possible. Successful entrepreneurs who frequently attend conventions and lectures are often booked several months in advance. So, you must make things quick by contacting them promptly, gauging their interest in the event and enquiring about their availability. 

      Choose a good event space for your event 

      The third and very crucial step to hosting a guest speaker optimally is to choose an excellent event space. The event space rental of a coworking is an ideal choice, as it is customizable according to your guest list. The nooks and crannies of a coworking space, including the event areas, are designed keeping in mind the needs of professional organizations and operations., Thus, the interiors and ambience of the event space will perfectly cater to your requirements. Lastly, the event spaces of coworking are also equipped with top-notch amenities, such as coffee machines, seating spaces, projectors, etc. 

      Make a schedule of the event, so you can send it out to the speakers 

      After finalizing the event space and other technical nitty-gritty, you have to prepare the schedule and send it out to the speaker or speakers (in case, there is more than one individual). This step is crucial to ensure that everybody is on time and everything happens smoothly. 

      Make a guest list for the event 

      The penultimate step of hosting a guest speaker in a coworking space is to prepare your guest. Curate a list of the individuals you would want to be at the event and ask them to RSVP to the invitation, as well. Likewise, if you want your guests to be able to bring a companion, then mention that in the invites, as well. 

      Decide on if and what kind of catering you will need for your event

      Last but not least, decide on the catering of your event. If you want to serve food, decide if you want to create small lunch boxes or packages or call cooks to prepare hot meals. 

      Why is a coworking space a great opportunity for an event?

      A coworking space is an excellent opportunity for an event because you can customize the event space, have access to amenities, opt for in-house catering and much more. Whether you want a small event space or a big one, coworking will tend to meet all your particular requirements. 

      How to rent a small event space? 

      To rent a small event space, you can get in touch with a reliable coworking space and check with them regarding the dates available and how the procedure of hosting a guest speaker with a ‘n’ number of guests will be.

      So, there we have it, a crisp overview of inviting guest speakers to coworking spaces.

      coworking space

      The Future of Work: How Coworking Spaces Fit In

      Updated on: 19.06.2024

      What is the meaning behind the invention of the “coworking space”?

      Coworking as a term was in one way invented by Bernard DeKoven and meant that freelancers and other professionals could gather and share experiences, ideas and resources. Coworking spaces now not only provide flexible work environments but also offer shared resources and networking opportunities. They are workspaces that serve freelancers, remote workers, and start-ups. These workspaces also try to foster a work-life balance and provide professional growth for their inhabitants. Working alongside a diverse group of people with whom they can share experiences is supposed to boost the productivity and innovation that comes from working with shared “intelligence.”

      The way work happens has undergone massive changes throughout the globe. From the rise of white-collar jobs to the prevalence of remote jobs during the pandemic and the onset of hybrid jobs in the post-pandemic era, the professional space is at the helm of a multi-dimensional transformation. A rather unique and fascinating trend seeping into the world of ‘work’ is the steady growth of coworking spaces. Nowadays, offices and corporations are realizing the importance of ‘‘no strings attached ‘’ to a physical space and opting for more liberal shared office areas. Join us, as we explore the nitty-gritty of coworking spaces and how they fit in the future of work. 

      What are the benefits of choosing a coworking space? 

      Coworking spaces are groups of individuals working individually or together on projects in a neutral location. The main difference between a coworking space and a conventional office is that the former does not include people from the same company. There are multiple benefits of coworking spaces, such as –

      Coworking spaces offer flexibility 

      A coworking space offers immaculate flexibility as you only pay for the space you need. Moreover, there is flexibility in terms of scaling, allowing you to extend the space you are using according to your terms. So, if your team is increasing in numbers then you can easily scale your coworking space. 

      Coworking spaces can boost your productivity

      The second benefit of a coworking space is that your productivity gets a boost. Our energy fluctuates from the morning to the evening and a workspace should accommodate this change. Coworking spaces provide you more structure than working from home and more variation than a regular office since they blend a range of work settings to accommodate various work types. Thus, your productivity is automatically enhanced. Furthermore, the presence of soothing background music, natural light and moderated air temperature keeps you energized and refreshed throughout the day. 

      Coworking spaces are perfect for networking 

      A coworking space is also great for networking. You work alongside new people every day while experiencing a sense of community and camaraderie. This unique combination is highly beneficial for expanding your network, helping you find fresh collaborations, and exercising your networking knowledge. Thus, the projection of your career is bound to elevate. 

      Coworking spaces offer many options for hosting events – event space rental 

      Last but not least, coworking spaces also provide ample options for hosting events. Traditional offices are limited and might not have enough space to hold special events, such as a conference, party, etc. However, coworking spaces also come with event space rental that you can reserve for special occasions. 

      What is an agile workspace?

      A flexible and fast office environment where people work in different ways and on different things – this is the vision for the new agile workspace.  It emphasizes adaptability, allowing employees to choose from different types of workspaces within the same office, such as open areas, private rooms, and collaborative zones. This approach supports spontaneous collaboration, increases productivity, and enhances employee satisfaction by providing the right setting for each task.

      Why should you consider working in a shared office? 

      There are various reasons why you should consider working in a shared office. These include –

      • You get access to networking events
      • Your productivity increases
      • Reduced loneliness
      • Access to amenities like Wi-Fi, coffee machines, couches, etc.
      • Cost saving
      • Flexibility and more

      What are the benefits of renting an event space in a coworking space? 

      There are multiple benefits of renting an event space in a coworking space. To begin with, you can customize the space according to the requirements of the event. For instance, if you are hosting a conference with a few special members, then a small event space is a good idea. Likewise, if you are throwing a big party, then you can opt for a bigger space. This flexibility and customization benefits you in terms of cost and also ensures that there are no hassles and last-minute troubles. Likewise, renting an event space in a coworking space means that you have access to high-tech facilities.

      How does working in a shared office positively affect your productivity? 

      Working in a shared office can positively impact your productivity. A coworking space comes with natural lighting, optimal room temperature and natural lighting, which keep you energized throughout the day. Besides, a coworking space has multiple work environments, which can bolster your productivity and mood. 

      So, there we have it, a crisp overview of how coworking spaces fit into the future of work.

      coworking space

      Utilizing Coworking Spaces for Unique and Memorable Events

      When it comes to hosting special events, people often think of hotels and conference centers. But, in recent times, the popularity and utility of coworking spaces has bolstered – all thanks to the many unique benefits they offer. Whether it is a networking event or an important business meeting, coworking venues are equipped with an array of advantages, which make them a more practical choice than traditional venues. Interested to know more? Read ahead!

      How to Utilize a Coworking Space for a Memorable Event?

      Simply put, a coworking space can be defined as a phenomenon wherein people assemble in a neutral space to work independently on different projects. A working space is different from a quintessential office workspace because the people working in a coworking environment do not usually belong to the same organization. Moreover, another big distinguisher is the flexibility of coworking spaces as they do not come with a long-term lease mandate. Furthermore, a coworking arrangement is also an excellent event space for memorable events due to the many merits they offer. What are they? Let us find out!

      Modern Interior and Inspiring Atmosphere

      Most coworking spaces come with modern interiors and an inspiring atmosphere. They are visually appealing and thoughtfully designed with abundant natural lighting, stylish and comfortable furniture, and recreational elements so that people feel motivated, productive and zealous at all times. Thus, with their vibrant and contemporary ambiance, coworking spaces are a great venue for meetings, workshops, gatherings, and more.

      Flexible Layout

      The second reason that makes coworking spaces an excellent choice to hold memorable events is the flexibility they offer. Conventional office spaces and meeting spaces, such as ballrooms and conference halls, have predetermined floor plans and seating configurations that do not always meet the particular needs of various settings. However, a coworking event space comes with impeccable flexibility vis-a-vis layout and setup. So, a coworking space can be tailored precisely for different events, thereby creating an immersive and unforgettable experience for the attendees.


      Coworking spaces also come with amenities that make organizing events all the more easier. You can indulge in an array of catering services and well-stocked snack bars. So, eatables will never be a problem. And, the best part is that these amazing food and beverage options are a part of the coworking rental package and you will not even have to take up the cumbersome task of post-event clean-ups.

      Access to Tech Equipment

      Traditional event venues, such as conference halls and office spaces, might not extend all your tech-related requirements, such as high-speed internet, whiteboards, projectors, and more. The technological hurdle can be a cause of concern if you are trying to organize an event. However, coworking spaces are technology-driven and equipped with state-of-the-art tools and advanced equipment to guarantee a successful event.

      What Type of Events Can You Do in a Coworking Space?

      Now that we know what makes a coworking space special, let us check out some of the events you can organize in a coworking space.

      Entrepreneur Talks

      Entrepreneur talks require a formal space with ample seating, high-quality mics, and timely refreshments. All such facilities are readily available in a coworking space.

      Product Launch Event

      Quite understandably, a product launch event should be grand and pompous. To ensure that it goes well, various elements, such as seating, decor, lighting, etc, must be taken care of. Similarly, there must be visually-appealing podiums to place the products and areas where people can try them. A coworking space is great as it checks all the right boxes.

      Panel Discussions

      You can also opt for a coworking space to organize a panel discussion. As the layout of a coworking space is flexible, it is possible to conduct panel discussions easily.

      Game Nights

      Game nights are fun, vibrant and an event where people can bond. A coworking space is customizable according to your needs and it can be tailored to create a vivacious and sporty ambiance where people can come together and enjoy.

      Happy Hours

      Last but not least, a coworking space is an excellent choice for happy hours and similar organizations because of the flexible layouts. And, the excellent catering options serve as a cherry on top.

      How to Choose a Suitable Event Space

      To choose the right event space for networking events near me, you should look out for a credible company that provides the right kind of services under a decent budget. Moreover, the coworking space should be located at an accessible place so that commuting gets easier. Lastly, a transparent and upfront company is what you should be looking for!

      coworking space

      Winter Wellness: Staying Healthy and Productive in Your Coworking Space

      Staying productive and feeling energized at work gets incredibly difficult during winters. You wake up in the early morning, when it is quite bleak and dark outside. Thereafter, you drive to the office in the gloom and spend your day indoors and then come back home in the dark. So, it becomes a hurdle for 9-to-5 workers to soak the sun during winters. Whether you are working from a conventional office or a coworking space, staying healthy and productive during the biting and cold winter days requires effort. If you are wondering how to feel your best this winter at the office, this blog is just for you!

      How to Stay Healthy in Your Coworking Space?

      Staying fitter, healthier and happier gets easier when you follow some easy-peasy tricks. What are they? Let us find out!

      Take Regular Breaks

      Taking timely breaks and staying active during winters can boost positivity and mood, thereby helping to be more productive and focused at work. Studies have shown that even a 2-minute walk a day can alter your brain for the better, release endorphins and enhance overall cognitive functions. Some simple measures, such as walking during lunch breaks can go a long way to improving your overall health and well-being at work during winters.

      Wash Your Hands Often

      During winters, your hands can get very dry and flaky. Besides, common cold and flu also double up in their contagion during the gloomy and cold season. Thus, to keep your hands soft and clean and prevent diseases from spreading, it is essential to wash your hands often. Remember to do so at least twice a day and before and after your meals.

      Eat Healthy Snacks with Vitamins and Minerals

      The colder days of winter means lesser exposure to sunlight. Besides, there are also fewer fresh products in the farmer’s market, which can limit your consumption of a balanced meal. But, to feel healthy and remain productive, you must dedicatedly focus on your food and eat snacks and meals that are good for your body and mind. Some of the nutrients that must be a part of your diet include Vitamin C, Zinc, Vitamin D, Iron, and likewise. Of course, it is best to get your nutrients in whole food form, but a supplement is also a feasible alternative.

      Don’t Forget to Hydrate

      Lastly, people often forget to drink water during winters. However, to feel your best at a coworking space, it is essential to have plenty of water and hydrate your body. During winters, try to drink 8 to 10 glasses of water. If drinking cold water seems arduous, you can gulp in some lukewarm water from time to time.

      How to Stay Productive in Your Coworking Space

      Now that we know how to stay healthy during winters, let us check out how to be more productive in your coworking space.

      Create a Schedule and Keep It

      One of the best ways to stay productive at work is to create a schedule and stick to it. Having a list of the things you need to do in a day and checking them one by one is a great way to declutter your mind while getting a dopamine boost after completing each task.

      Minimize Distractions

      The second step you can follow to stay productive at your spaces is to find a quiet and peaceful corner to engage in your work. A chaotic spot where people are constantly walking by you or playing loud music can be quite distracting and hamper your productivity. So, mitigate distractions and do your best.

      Avoid Multitasking

      Multitasking might seem like a skill to flex, but trust us, it is not. Multitasking can increase your cognitive load and the result is that you might not end up doing even one of the aligned tasks properly. So, it is best to avoid multitasking. Focus on one task at a time and then move on to the next.

      Keep Your Workspace Clean

      Last but not least, a cluttered workspace can be a sore sight and also a hurdle for your productivity. A clean workspace reduces your cognitive load, calms your mind, and helps you stay focused. So, make sure to keep your desk organized. Placing an indoor planter nearby can also help to soothe your mind and help you improve productivity.

      How to Choose the Best Coworking Space?

      A coworking space is an excellent choice to conduct professional affairs in today’s day and age. To make the best of the opportunity, you should choose a space that has modern amenities, is elegantly furnished and located strategically.