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      coworking space

      Inviting Guest Speakers to Coworking Spaces: A Guide for Event Planners

      Coworking spaces have revolutionized the way work happens. Their advent and entry into mainstream imagination have been beneficial for employers and employees. Coworking spaces enhance the productivity of employees, bolster networking opportunities, enable employers and organizations to cut costs without compromising on employee well-being and operational quality and so forth. Moreover, coworking spaces also double as a customizable event space. From conferences to work parties to hosting guest speakers, the event space rental of a coworking can really do it all. Join us, as well delve into the basics of the topic and how you can invite guest speakers to coworking spaces. 

      6 steps for planning an event in a coworking space 

      It is incredibly easy and hassle-free to plan an event in a coworking space. However, you still need some structure and routine. A few basic steps can help enhance and streamline the process. 

      Choose the right speaker for your event

      The first step in hosting a guest speaker in a coworking space is, of course, inviting the right speaker for your event. To do so, you can first start by understanding your demographics. What kind of employees are frequenting the coworking space, what are the pertinent problems employees are facing, and how can a speaker help attend to those issues, and likewise. When you know what your demographics and the most relevant issues in their lives are, it gets much easier to filter a list of guest speakers for the event. 

      Contact the speaker early, so you can see if they are interested

      Secondly, remember to contact the speaker as early as possible. Successful entrepreneurs who frequently attend conventions and lectures are often booked several months in advance. So, you must make things quick by contacting them promptly, gauging their interest in the event and enquiring about their availability. 

      Choose a good event space for your event 

      The third and very crucial step to hosting a guest speaker optimally is to choose an excellent event space. The event space rental of a coworking is an ideal choice, as it is customizable according to your guest list. The nooks and crannies of a coworking space, including the event areas, are designed keeping in mind the needs of professional organizations and operations., Thus, the interiors and ambience of the event space will perfectly cater to your requirements. Lastly, the event spaces of coworking are also equipped with top-notch amenities, such as coffee machines, seating spaces, projectors, etc. 

      Make a schedule of the event, so you can send it out to the speakers 

      After finalizing the event space and other technical nitty-gritty, you have to prepare the schedule and send it out to the speaker or speakers (in case, there is more than one individual). This step is crucial to ensure that everybody is on time and everything happens smoothly. 

      Make a guest list for the event 

      The penultimate step of hosting a guest speaker in a coworking space is to prepare your guest. Curate a list of the individuals you would want to be at the event and ask them to RSVP to the invitation, as well. Likewise, if you want your guests to be able to bring a companion, then mention that in the invites, as well. 

      Decide on if and what kind of catering you will need for your event

      Last but not least, decide on the catering of your event. If you want to serve food, decide if you want to create small lunch boxes or packages or call cooks to prepare hot meals. 

      Why is a coworking space a great opportunity for an event?

      A coworking space is an excellent opportunity for an event because you can customize the event space, have access to amenities, opt for in-house catering and much more. Whether you want a small event space or a big one, coworking will tend to meet all your particular requirements. 

      How to rent a small event space? 

      To rent a small event space, you can get in touch with a reliable coworking space and check with them regarding the dates available and how the procedure of hosting a guest speaker with a ‘n’ number of guests will be.

      So, there we have it, a crisp overview of inviting guest speakers to coworking spaces.

      coworking space

      The Future of Work: How Coworking Spaces Fit In

      The way work happens has undergone massive changes throughout the globe. From the rise of white-collar jobs to the prevalence of remote jobs during the pandemic and the onset of hybrid jobs in the post-pandemic era, the professional space is at the helm of a multi-dimensional transformation. A rather unique and fascinating trend seeping into the world of ‘work’ is the steady growth of coworking spaces. Nowadays, offices and corporations are realizing the importance of ‘‘no strings attached ‘’ to a physical space and opting for more liberal shared office areas. Join us, as we explore the nitty-gritty of coworking spaces and how they fit in the future of work. 

      What are the benefits of choosing a coworking space? 

      Coworking spaces are groups of individuals working individually or together on projects in a neutral location. The main difference between a coworking space and a conventional office is that the former does not include people from the same company. There are multiple benefits of coworking spaces, such as –

      Coworking spaces offer flexibility 

      A coworking space offers immaculate flexibility as you only pay for the space you need. Moreover, there is flexibility in terms of scaling, allowing you to extend the space you are using according to your terms. So, if your team is increasing in numbers then you can easily scale your coworking space. 

      Coworking spaces can boost your productivity

      The second benefit of a coworking space is that your productivity gets a boost. Our energy fluctuates from the morning to the evening and a workspace should accommodate this change. Coworking spaces provide you more structure than working from home and more variation than a regular office since they blend a range of work settings to accommodate various work types. Thus, your productivity is automatically enhanced. Furthermore, the presence of soothing background music, natural light and moderated air temperature keeps you energized and refreshed throughout the day. 

      Coworking spaces are perfect for networking 

      A coworking space is also great for networking. You work alongside new people every day while experiencing a sense of community and camaraderie. This unique combination is highly beneficial for expanding your network, helping you find fresh collaborations, and exercising your networking knowledge. Thus, the projection of your career is bound to elevate. 

      Coworking spaces offer many options for hosting events – event space rental 

      Last but not least, coworking spaces also provide ample options for hosting events. Traditional offices are limited and might not have enough space to hold special events, such as a conference, party, etc. However, coworking spaces also come with event space rental that you can reserve for special occasions. 

      Why should you consider working in a shared office? 

      There are various reasons why you should consider working in a shared office. These include –

      • You get access to networking events
      • Your productivity increases
      • Reduced loneliness
      • Access to amenities like Wi-Fi, coffee machines, couches, etc.
      • Cost saving
      • Flexibility and more

      What are the benefits of renting an event space in a coworking space? 

      There are multiple benefits of renting an event space in a coworking space. To begin with, you can customize the space according to the requirements of the event. For instance, if you are hosting a conference with a few special members, then a small event space is a good idea. Likewise, if you are throwing a big party, then you can opt for a bigger space. This flexibility and customization benefits you in terms of cost and also ensures that there are no hassles and last-minute troubles. Likewise, renting an event space in a coworking space means that you have access to high-tech facilities.

      How does working in a shared office positively affect your productivity? 

      Working in a shared office can positively impact your productivity. A coworking space comes with natural lighting, optimal room temperature and natural lighting, which keep you energized throughout the day. Besides, a coworking space has multiple work environments, which can bolster your productivity and mood. 

      So, there we have it, a crisp overview of how coworking spaces fit into the future of work.

      coworking space

      Utilizing Coworking Spaces for Unique and Memorable Events

      When it comes to hosting special events, people often think of hotels and conference centers. But, in recent times, the popularity and utility of coworking spaces has bolstered – all thanks to the many unique benefits they offer. Whether it is a networking event or an important business meeting, coworking venues are equipped with an array of advantages, which make them a more practical choice than traditional venues. Interested to know more? Read ahead!

      How to Utilize a Coworking Space for a Memorable Event?

      Simply put, a coworking space can be defined as a phenomenon wherein people assemble in a neutral space to work independently on different projects. A working space is different from a quintessential office workspace because the people working in a coworking environment do not usually belong to the same organization. Moreover, another big distinguisher is the flexibility of coworking spaces as they do not come with a long-term lease mandate. Furthermore, a coworking arrangement is also an excellent event space for memorable events due to the many merits they offer. What are they? Let us find out!

      Modern Interior and Inspiring Atmosphere

      Most coworking spaces come with modern interiors and an inspiring atmosphere. They are visually appealing and thoughtfully designed with abundant natural lighting, stylish and comfortable furniture, and recreational elements so that people feel motivated, productive and zealous at all times. Thus, with their vibrant and contemporary ambiance, coworking spaces are a great venue for meetings, workshops, gatherings, and more.

      Flexible Layout

      The second reason that makes coworking spaces an excellent choice to hold memorable events is the flexibility they offer. Conventional office spaces and meeting spaces, such as ballrooms and conference halls, have predetermined floor plans and seating configurations that do not always meet the particular needs of various settings. However, a coworking event space comes with impeccable flexibility vis-a-vis layout and setup. So, a coworking space can be tailored precisely for different events, thereby creating an immersive and unforgettable experience for the attendees.


      Coworking spaces also come with amenities that make organizing events all the more easier. You can indulge in an array of catering services and well-stocked snack bars. So, eatables will never be a problem. And, the best part is that these amazing food and beverage options are a part of the coworking rental package and you will not even have to take up the cumbersome task of post-event clean-ups.

      Access to Tech Equipment

      Traditional event venues, such as conference halls and office spaces, might not extend all your tech-related requirements, such as high-speed internet, whiteboards, projectors, and more. The technological hurdle can be a cause of concern if you are trying to organize an event. However, coworking spaces are technology-driven and equipped with state-of-the-art tools and advanced equipment to guarantee a successful event.

      What Type of Events Can You Do in a Coworking Space?

      Now that we know what makes a coworking space special, let us check out some of the events you can organize in a coworking space.

      Entrepreneur Talks

      Entrepreneur talks require a formal space with ample seating, high-quality mics, and timely refreshments. All such facilities are readily available in a coworking space.

      Product Launch Event

      Quite understandably, a product launch event should be grand and pompous. To ensure that it goes well, various elements, such as seating, decor, lighting, etc, must be taken care of. Similarly, there must be visually-appealing podiums to place the products and areas where people can try them. A coworking space is great as it checks all the right boxes.

      Panel Discussions

      You can also opt for a coworking space to organize a panel discussion. As the layout of a coworking space is flexible, it is possible to conduct panel discussions easily.

      Game Nights

      Game nights are fun, vibrant and an event where people can bond. A coworking space is customizable according to your needs and it can be tailored to create a vivacious and sporty ambiance where people can come together and enjoy.

      Happy Hours

      Last but not least, a coworking space is an excellent choice for happy hours and similar organizations because of the flexible layouts. And, the excellent catering options serve as a cherry on top.

      How to Choose a Suitable Event Space

      To choose the right event space for networking events near me, you should look out for a credible company that provides the right kind of services under a decent budget. Moreover, the coworking space should be located at an accessible place so that commuting gets easier. Lastly, a transparent and upfront company is what you should be looking for!

      coworking space

      Winter Wellness: Staying Healthy and Productive in Your Coworking Space

      Staying productive and feeling energized at work gets incredibly difficult during winters. You wake up in the early morning, when it is quite bleak and dark outside. Thereafter, you drive to the office in the gloom and spend your day indoors and then come back home in the dark. So, it becomes a hurdle for 9-to-5 workers to soak the sun during winters. Whether you are working from a conventional office or a coworking space, staying healthy and productive during the biting and cold winter days requires effort. If you are wondering how to feel your best this winter at the office, this blog is just for you!

      How to Stay Healthy in Your Coworking Space?

      Staying fitter, healthier and happier gets easier when you follow some easy-peasy tricks. What are they? Let us find out!

      Take Regular Breaks

      Taking timely breaks and staying active during winters can boost positivity and mood, thereby helping to be more productive and focused at work. Studies have shown that even a 2-minute walk a day can alter your brain for the better, release endorphins and enhance overall cognitive functions. Some simple measures, such as walking during lunch breaks can go a long way to improving your overall health and well-being at work during winters.

      Wash Your Hands Often

      During winters, your hands can get very dry and flaky. Besides, common cold and flu also double up in their contagion during the gloomy and cold season. Thus, to keep your hands soft and clean and prevent diseases from spreading, it is essential to wash your hands often. Remember to do so at least twice a day and before and after your meals.

      Eat Healthy Snacks with Vitamins and Minerals

      The colder days of winter means lesser exposure to sunlight. Besides, there are also fewer fresh products in the farmer’s market, which can limit your consumption of a balanced meal. But, to feel healthy and remain productive, you must dedicatedly focus on your food and eat snacks and meals that are good for your body and mind. Some of the nutrients that must be a part of your diet include Vitamin C, Zinc, Vitamin D, Iron, and likewise. Of course, it is best to get your nutrients in whole food form, but a supplement is also a feasible alternative.

      Don’t Forget to Hydrate

      Lastly, people often forget to drink water during winters. However, to feel your best at a coworking space, it is essential to have plenty of water and hydrate your body. During winters, try to drink 8 to 10 glasses of water. If drinking cold water seems arduous, you can gulp in some lukewarm water from time to time.

      How to Stay Productive in Your Coworking Space

      Now that we know how to stay healthy during winters, let us check out how to be more productive in your coworking space.

      Create a Schedule and Keep It

      One of the best ways to stay productive at work is to create a schedule and stick to it. Having a list of the things you need to do in a day and checking them one by one is a great way to declutter your mind while getting a dopamine boost after completing each task.

      Minimize Distractions

      The second step you can follow to stay productive at your spaces is to find a quiet and peaceful corner to engage in your work. A chaotic spot where people are constantly walking by you or playing loud music can be quite distracting and hamper your productivity. So, mitigate distractions and do your best.

      Avoid Multitasking

      Multitasking might seem like a skill to flex, but trust us, it is not. Multitasking can increase your cognitive load and the result is that you might not end up doing even one of the aligned tasks properly. So, it is best to avoid multitasking. Focus on one task at a time and then move on to the next.

      Keep Your Workspace Clean

      Last but not least, a cluttered workspace can be a sore sight and also a hurdle for your productivity. A clean workspace reduces your cognitive load, calms your mind, and helps you stay focused. So, make sure to keep your desk organized. Placing an indoor planter nearby can also help to soothe your mind and help you improve productivity.

      How to Choose the Best Coworking Space?

      A coworking space is an excellent choice to conduct professional affairs in today’s day and age. To make the best of the opportunity, you should choose a space that has modern amenities, is elegantly furnished and located strategically.

      meeting room

      3 Important Things to Consider When Booking a Meeting Room

      Meetings are seen as a hassle for a business leader. Whether it’s because of the lack of agenda or poor coordinators, a meeting can cause unnecessary stress. But these aren’t the only things that make it such a difficult and time-consuming task. A meeting can be productive and efficient if it’s conducted in the right space. 

      The location of the meeting room and the equipment are often the top priorities of businesses looking for a suitable room for corporate events, but there are more important factors that people usually miss out on. In this post, we have rounded up three vital things an organizer should consider when selecting a meeting room. Let’s take a look. 

      The Importance of Choosing the Right Meeting Room

      The right meeting room affects the success and productivity of any meeting, whether it’s a short employee meeting or a board meeting. The right meeting room will provide you with the environment and technology needed to be productive. Here’s how it helps:

      • Boosts engagement of your attendees, enhancing their focus and promoting innovative ideas.
      • Provides a comfortable space with a proper seating area to conduct a meeting
      • Offers the right tools for presentation, video conferencing, remote connections, etc.
      • Easily reachable by public transport
      • Located in a quiet neighborhood with no distractions
      • Have flexible layouts, with easy-to-arrange furniture and all the basic amenities to continue the meeting without any hassle

      Lastly, the right meeting space is aesthetically appealing and clean and enhances your brand image.

      Three Things to Consider When Choosing a Meeting Room

      The ambiance in a meeting room significantly impacts your productivity. A good meeting room promotes innovative ideas and proper communication. With dozens of meeting rooms, picking the best can be overwhelming. Here we’ve listed the three things to watch out for when comparing different corporate spaces.

      Location and Accessibility

      Accessibility of the meeting room is as important as its location. Choose a space that’s easily accessible to your business associates, organizers, staff, and other participants. Look for a location close to your workspace. Prioritize a location that’s accessible via public transport, preferably a place that doesn’t report jam-packed traffic. 

      Also, check the parking facility for your employees and partners who bring their private vehicles. The surroundings also matter. For instance, a location with multiple distractions and a lot of noise from the surroundings can make your meeting look less important. 

      Size and Capacity

      When it comes to a meeting room or any space that you rent for a corporate event, size matters the most. Check the capacity of the space before booking. You don’t want to rent a space that can accommodate 10-20 members when your attendees’ count exceeds 30. Pick a room with enough space to not just accommodate your guests, but provide them a comfortable space to work, eat, and relax. 

      For the layout, think about the purpose of the meeting. Is it an interactive training session that requires an open coworking space or a traditional meeting that demands a boardroom setup?

      Amenities and Technology

      Comfort isn’t optional when it comes to workspace. Your selected meeting rooms must have the basic amenities, like adequate lighting, restrooms, a kitchen or cafe, and a seating space for the best experience. Having refreshments every few hours or a small space for your team to relax will boost their productivity and make your meeting efficient. 

      Likewise, a successful meeting requires the right technology, such as webcams, stable Wi-Fi, interactive displays, projectors, wireless screens and presentation units, collaboration software, and other business tools.

      Coworking Meeting Rooms and their Flexibility for Last-minute Changes

      Coworking space offers flexibility and enables last-minute changes. You can book this space any time for a short duration or a few business days. The furniture settings in a coworking meeting room are known for their flexibility. You can arrange the furniture depending on your unique needs and the layout that matches your meeting theme. Besides, these rooms are well-equipped with the latest technology, including an audio/video conferencing system to ensure uninterrupted communication and seamless presentations.

      Coworking and Confidentiality and Data Protection Measures

      Coworking refers to a shared space where people from different organizations come together to work with each other. Businesses’privacy is of the utmost importance in these rooms. Fortunately, many coworking space owners have implemented robust security protocols that ensure your business’s protection and confidentiality. 

      These spaces are secured with the best access control systems, which include entrance through key cards and biometric systems. They prioritize encrypted Wi-Fi connection to prevent unauthorized access to your data. Moreover, some spaces use confidentiality agreements to protect the interests and privacy of the business.


      Coworking Trends in Sofia: How Have They Changed?

      Sofia, the capital of Bulgaria, has been rapidly evolving. And it’s not the skyline or the aesthetics, but the transforming commercial space that has gained immense attention. There’s been a growing demand for coworking space in the rental space industry. It’s become almost a new standard in mid-to-large-sized organizations. Whether you want to hold a commercial meeting or a training event, more and more organizations are considering these shared spaces to enjoy affordable, well-equipped, and neat places to conduct business operations smoothly.

      What is Coworking?

      Coworking is a rental space concept in which people from different departments come together to work in the space using shared resources. It refers to the setting where businesses work outside their main workspace and rent a place that offers all the amenities needed to conduct the required business activities seamlessly. 

      The concept was first noticed in 2000 when people were constantly on the lookout for an alternative to coffee shops and home offices. Today, it has gained so much popularity that coworking spaces are used across different industries—from people working remotely to corporate teams. 

      Brief Overview of Sofia as a Coworking Hub

      According to the latest report by Cushman & Wakefield Forton, the space dedicated to the shared offices (coworking rooms) has expanded to 55,000 sq.m. A vast majority of the new coming businesses, small independent contractors, and other professionals are considering coworking hubs. 

      One of the reasons for this increasing demand for coworking space is the growth in the hybrid working model. People prefer to work from different places to enjoy the flexibility and technology that they would otherwise not get in a traditional work environment. The same report shows a surprising growth in Bulgaria’s coworking space. 

      The last quarter of 2023 reported 39,000 sq.m of rental coworking space acquired by third parties in Sofia who preferred working in shared spaces. This shows a 54% growth in the coworking space as compared to the previous year. This isn’t just a coincidence or a random statistical change, but it highlights the new trends in the coworking spaces, which are now designed to accommodate large groups and are often rented to conduct events that require 50+ attendees. 

      Number of Coworking Spaces in Sofia

      Currently, there are over 61 coworking spaces in Sofia. The industry, as mentioned above, is growing at a rapid pace to cater to the increasing demand for shared spaces. This growth is particularly seen in the capital city Sofia. It’s now become a hub for the coworking space market in Bulgaria. 

      Types of Coworking Spaces

      From niche-specific to luxury, there are different coworking spaces that cater to the needs of varying audiences. Below we’ve listed the most popular:

      • Conventional: The most common coworking space that accounts for most of the coworking offices in Bulgaria are conventional spaces. They comprise meeting rooms, private offices, kitchens, desks, and so on. These are great for small projects, freelancers, and startups.
      • Minimal: For freelancers and small businesses who want an affordable space with fewer yet essential amenities, a minimal coworking space is sufficient. You still get coffee and desks, but it lacks a private office for boardroom meetings or advanced technology.
      • Niche-specific: As the name suggests, these spaces target a specific community or a market related to a certain niche.
      • High-end: These are luxury coworking spaces equipped with the latest technology, advanced security devices, private spaces, and the best interiors. 

      Key Trends in Coworking Spaces

      Let’s check out the latest trends in the coworking space in Sofia


      Coworking spaces are considerably more flexible than their traditional office counterparts. They can rent these spaces for any duration and event. These rooms have flexible furniture and technical arrangements, allowing you to adjust the space according to your business requirements.

      Technology Integration

      You can find modern technology, collaboration tools, reliable Wi-Fi, biometric access control, IoT devices, and wireless charging stations (to name a few) integrated into the coworking space. 

      Sustainability Initiatives

      Coworking spaces aren’t just focusing on creating a shared workspace that offers the best technology to renters, but sustainability is an equally important concept for them. They adapt to the practices that have the least impact on the environment.

      Community-building and Networking

      A coworking space is much more than a board meeting room. It’s a space that promotes fun group activities, such as music, get-togethers, and other activities. This helps improve team collaboration and communication. 

      Design and Workspace Aesthetics

      Featuring flexible layouts with ergonomic furniture and other adjustable tools, coworking space are centered around a flexible working approach. The industry is known for its beautiful aesthetics, art, and decor, all of which contribute to a visually appealing space that enhances productivity and engagement.

      coworking sofia

      3 Ways Coworking Motivates Managers

      You might have heard of the stories of people thriving in a coworking space. Whether it’s employees or independent contractors, working in these shared spaces is not just an affordable choice, but people tend to focus better and be more productive in these rented rooms. There’s been an increasing trend for coworking spaces in Bulgaria and all parts of the world. Thanks to the flexibility it brings. In this post, we’ll discuss a few ways coworking motivates managers and boosts their productivity. Keep reading.

      Coworking and Managerial Motivation

      Coworking is associated with managerial motivation in multiple ways. For one, it helps managers handle their teams effectively. Depending on the size and layout of these rental spaces, a coworking space can boost engagement and productivity drastically. 

      It’s not only because you get a change in the work environment, technology, furniture setting, and overall ambiance, but these spaces are designed to offer flexibility to managers. They can adjust the furniture, seating space, lighting, and the entire setting to their requirements. You can transform a coworking space into a board meeting room or make it a fun and open place to conduct training sessions for employees.

      The Rising Trend of Coworking Environments for Managers

      Managers struggle with a tight budget, strict deadlines, lack of resources, and other common issues that make it difficult to achieve their desired milestones. Coworking space gives them a chance to use shared resources, which are much more cost-effective than leasing them in a traditional workspace. It helps them work alongside like-minded people and build a solid network with other professionals. 

      In addition to affordability, coworking spaces have proven to be more flexible and equipped than your regular workplaces. These spaces have top-notch security and are equipped with all the resources that a manager needs to organize meetings, training, learning sessions, group activities, and other corporate events without breaking the bank. 

      Three Ways Coworking is Beneficial for Managers

      Coworking has helped managers save money, time, and resources. But, the benefits of shared spaces go beyond that. Managers feel motivated to work in such settings. Thanks to the comfortable environment, adequate amenities, and premium technology that help them work as a team. Let’s check out the three ways how coworking is considered beneficial for managers.

      Enhanced Networking and Collaboration Opportunities

      Coworking space is all about sharing your workspace and office resources with others. Working alongside different managers helps you understand the common challenges that these managers face in their routine management operations and how they handle them. You can learn from them and implement the strategies that are working for them in your leadership. 

      The best part about coworking space is the collaborative approach. It fosters an environment where teams can work together, support each other, share innovative ideas, and build a space that can help them achieve organizational goals. Managers can promote a collaborative environment where employees from different departments work together to achieve their goals. It gives you an opportunity to build your network and collaborate with different managers and like-minded professionals to grow.

      Flexibility and Work-Life Balance

      People choose coworking spaces because of the level of flexibility they offer. It allows them to choose the working hours and rent the space for as short or long as they want. These benefits motivate managers and employees to offer their best. 

      Besides, coworking spaces are considerably more flexible than their traditional counterparts. The furniture arrangements, technology, and everything you get in these rental rooms offer the best level of flexibility. Plus, they help you achieve a proper work-life balance. You can use this space to conduct group activities that improve your team collaboration and help your employees connect.

      Exposure to Creative and Entrepreneurial Energy

      The whole purpose of coworking space is to encourage employees to work together as a team. Managers and employees feel motivated when there is a group of people sharing their innovative ideas and skills to help their teammates learn different management skills. 

      Managers often use this space to conduct brainstorming sessions, in which, the teams share their perspectives and unique ideas to achieve a specific goal as effectively as possible. This creative energy goes a long way in making your projects more efficient and successful. 

      Examples of managers adopting innovative strategies from coworking experiences

      Many reputable organizations have adapted to the coworking trend. One such name that’s been emerging lately is Verizon. They have launched coworking spaces in different locations to promote innovation, flexibility, and motivation among managers and employees. Some companies have partnered with coworking space providers, such as IBM. They have collaborated with WeWork to enable employees to work from diverse locations. 

      flexible office

      Renting a Flexible Office Space in Bulgaria: 5 Important Steps

      Starting a new business is a great idea. While you may already have rental spaces for your physical setup in mind, it’s important to do thorough research before renting a commercial space for your office. After all, it’s going to be the workspace for your managers and the team. It must be flexible and large enough to accommodate your employees while providing a comfortable seating space and furniture. 

      The office market in Bulgaria is growing. Especially the coworking space. The capital city, Sofia, is the hub of commercial rental spaces. Let’s see what the office market in Bulgaria looks like and how you can get the best flexible office space for rent.

      Understanding the Bulgarian Office Space Market 

      The office market in Bulgaria, Sofia has reported an upswing in the first quarter of 2023. According to a report by Cushman & Wakefield, the industry reported the leasing space to be around 42,000 sqm. The most notable trend in the office space industry in Sofia is the increasing demand for coworking space. The flexibility of this rental commercial workspace combined with the comfort level and advanced amenities have made it an ideal place to rent for office purposes.

      The first quarter of the year witnessed a whopping 62,000 sqm of coworking space supply with an additional 11,500 sqm under construction. This growing trend of coworking space and other rental offices in Sofia is expected to stay stable for the next few years.

      Advantages of Renting Flexible Office Spaces

      Renting a flexible office space comes with many advantages. To name a few, it offers:

      • Cost-effective space
      • No long-term commitments
      • Adjustable to your requirements
      • Offers networking and collaboration opportunities
      • Focuses on team building
      • Equipped with the latest technology
      • Offers the best security tools
      • Easy access to all amenities
      • You get tons of location choices

      Key Areas for Business in Sofia

      Sofia is an IT hub and home to many venues that are perfect for corporate events. The capital city boasts an array of locations that have many rental office spaces available for startups and established organizations. As mentioned previously, it’s a perfect city for those considering a coworking space for their business. 

      Sofia City Center tops the list of the best business centers. You can look for rental spaces near Vitosha Boulevard mainly. Other locations ideal for office space in Sofia include Mladost District, Lozenets, Business Park Sofia, Borisova Gradina, Tsarigradsko Shose Boulevard, etc.

      5 Important Tips for Renting Office Spaces

      Assessing Space Requirements Based on Team Size

      Identify your space requirements based on the type of event you are planning and the team size. Enterprise companies that are holding a special corporate meeting with 500+ people might look for suites that are spacious enough to accommodate a large workforce. Smaller businesses and startups with fewer members, on the other hand, might be okay with coworking spaces. You must also factor in your projected business growth to determine a suitable space. 

      Considering Additional Amenities—Meeting Rooms, Tech Support, etc.

      Amenities in your workspace can make or break your business. It is these amenities that enhance your employees’ focus and increase their productivity and engagement. When comparing rental office space, pay special attention to the amenities, including seating area, layout, tech devices, kitchen, parking lot, boardrooms, conference rooms, and so on. 

      Identifying Your Budget and Lease Flexibility

      Decide on your office budget before looking for a rental commercial space in Bulgaria. As mentioned before, you must add furniture, parking space, size & layout, technology, and other factors into consideration when setting a budget. Do not overspend on a luxury office that consumes a considerable capital. Always check the comfort level and amenities before booking. In addition, look for the leasing term. Sometimes, affordable rent means getting locked into a 2-3 year contract length, the termination of which can cost you an early cancellation fee.

      Evaluating the Location: Access to Public Transport and Other Facilities

      A perfect location for your office is close to public transport and is accessible to each employee in the city. Look for a place that has restaurants and coffee shops nearby. Your team will appreciate a location within the city, preferably close to their homes. 

      Arranging Utilities and Services – Internet, Cleaning, Security

      Tech support should be your key consideration when renting an office space. It should have stable internet, audio and video conferencing technology, projectors, proper lighting, and other tools that facilitate seamless meetings. In addition, the coworking space owner should take care of the cleaning and hygiene. They should also have the best security measures in place, including a robust access control system that prevents unauthorized access to restricted areas.

      shared office sofia

      How to find the perfect shared office space in Sofia? The complete guide

      Have you ever dreamt of finding the perfect shared office space in the lively capital of Sofia, but you don’t know what and where to look for? Then this article is for you! The professionals from MyFlex will delve into the nature of shared office space, explore the benefits of coworking, and explain why we can choose it over the traditional office. Furthermore, we will provide valuable tips on finding the best shared office space in Sofia that corresponds to your needs.

      Why coworking and shared office?

      Originating in the lively capital of Germany, Berlin, shared office or coworking spaces have become an integral part of modern work culture. Today, these types of places have overcome a big transformation and represent an essential element for many people who are looking for an innovative approach to work.

      How is the work environment changing?

      Today, an increasing number of people desire to discover a workspace that enhances their productivity and encourages collaboration and inspiration. These qualities can be recognized in shared office spaces, which have been gaining a lot of popularity due to their flexibility. Unlike traditional office spaces, the shared office provides more networking opportunities and a new type of healthier environment.

      Coworking vs. Traditional office. A matter of flexibility.

      We live in a fast-paced world where flexibility and speed are key factors. Shared office spaces offer different solutions that meet the needs of modern businesses and offer amenities that include a variety of workspaces and opportunities to meet with clients.

      Key considerations for choosing a shared office space in Sofia

      Before choosing your next shared office space in Sofia, there are a couple of key considerations you should take into account. These include the location and the amenities and facilities the coworking space provides.

      Finding the perfect location

      In a world where every minute is important and time can be limited, it is crucial to find a workplace that is in a nice location, ideally closer to our home. When choosing your next coworking space in Sofia, consider the accessibility and the environment that surrounds it. Choosing a neighborhood that corresponds to your needs and tastes is essential. Our advice is to check out the coworking space and its location before going out to work there so you can see how close it is to your home and whether it is accessible by car or public transport.

      Amenities and facilities

      Shared office spaces are famous mainly for the amenities and facilities they provide to make employees feel more comfortable and at ease. When choosing your next coworking space, think about what you lack in your traditional office that you desperately need. Are its facilities like high-speed internet, printers, or whiteboards? Or is it a simple coffee machine and chill room that you would like to take a rest in from time to time? Luckily, modern coworking spaces in Sofia provide all the necessary amenities and facilities to make your stay more pleasant and, hopefully, your job more fun.

      Different types and options of shared office spaces in Sofia

      Apart from the perfect location and exciting facilities, shared office spaces come in different styles and office options. Moreover, they offer a variety of membership plans you can choose from depending on how long you plan to stay. Let’s take a look at some of these options!

      Understanding the variety 

      In the last few years, Sofia has become a lively and exciting capital that welcomes many foreigners who like to work from coworking spaces. This is one of the reasons why shared office spaces have expanded their horizons and created all types of options available in Sofia. For instance, some shared office spaces are more like casual cafés with coworking vibes, while others are fully equipped professional coworking spaces suitable for business meetings. The idea is to find the setting that aligns with your work style and professional needs.

      Choose your membership plan

      Coworking spaces are flexible when it comes to membership plans. Shared office spaces in Sofia understand how flexibility and the different prices are important for people. Therefore, they provide membership plans to fit everyone’s needs depending on the type of shared office space and the amenities they offer. Whether you would like to work from shared office spaces twice a week or go there every day, you can find coworking spaces offering something for everyone.

      How to make the most of your shared office experience in Sofia

      If we can give you only one advice on how to have the best time in your shared office experience, it would be to delve into the networking and collaboration opportunities shared office spaces in Sofia provide. Full of colorful and diverse community, shared office spaces have the potential to open doors for employees’ growth in professional plans and even new friendships.


      4 reasons for renting a coworking space in 2023

      In today’s busy world, everyone is dreaming about more networking and flexible opportunities when it comes to working. More and more people are discovering the advantages of coworking spaces, and businesses are taking advantage of this new working trend.

      But what exactly are coworking spaces, and why might companies want to hire them in 2023? In this article, the professionals from MyFlex will tell you more about the success of coworking spaces and discuss the main reasons for renting a coworking space.

      What is a coworking space

      A coworking space is a physical space where employees from different backgrounds can gather and work together. There is no definition of coworking space, but many can agree that it is a space where everyone can feel at ease and do their work in a positive environment. The key factor that the coworking space is made of is its collaborative nature. This is what initially drives so many people to try out this working model, and once they do – they can hardly go back to normal.

      The rise of coworking space

      Many people believe that coworking spaces emerged in the last few years, but in reality, their creation dates back to the 90s. The first coworking space was discovered in 1995 in the lively capital of Germany, Berlin. The term coworking was all about ‘working together as equals’ and the term was introduced by Bernard DeKoven. It was not until 2017 that the biggest coworking space, WeWork, was launched in New York. Since then, many coworking spaces have been following this model and trying to evolve daily.

      Four reasons to rent a coworking space

      Coworking spaces are full of possibilities and offer new experiences to those who visit them. When discussing the benefits and the reasons to rent a coworking space, it is hard to limit them to just a few. This is why we tried to list the four most essential reasons why a person should consider renting a coworking space for their business or going to work there by themselves. In the next few paragraphs, we will talk more about flexibility, networking opportunities, cost-efficiency, employees’ well-being, and work-life balance.

      1: Coworking spaces are flexible

      ​​The first reason why coworking spaces present a big opportunity for every business is that they are incredibly flexible. In today’s contemporary business world, more firms and the clients they work with rely on this flexibility. Coworking spaces are flexible because they can usually be found in multiple locations, have long working hours, and offer many benefits that typical offices don’t provide. Furthermore, the working environment includes many rooms of different sizes suitable for all kinds of collaborations and meetings.

      For example, if you are about to have an important conversation with multiple clients and you need to pitch them an idea, a room in a coworking space might be the perfect solution. It will give you privacy and provide you with the necessary amenities, such as whiteboards, touchscreens, high-speed internet, and others.

      2: Networking opportunities

      Coworking spaces offer numerous networking opportunities, which makes them the perfect place for finding new friends from different professional backgrounds. Usually, coworking spaces organize networking events, which are great places to meet new people and talk to them about your work and lifestyle.

      What is more, coworking spaces organize seminars and workshops where you can also meet potential clients and industry experts. We advise you to always participate in these events if you are looking for new doors to business opportunities, partnerships, or you want to meet new, interesting people!

      3: Cost-efficient

      Cost efficiency is a factor that individuals and businesses always take into consideration. Coworking spaces offer an interesting solution when it comes to managing finances. To begin with, these places often provide shared resources such as meeting rooms, office supplies, and amenities. This automatically reduces the need for individual investment from people and businesses. Moreover, coworking spaces offer flexible membership plans that do not tie businesses to long-term leases, and they are usually less expensive than a traditional office setting.

      4: Employee well-being and work-life balance

      Today, everyone talks more and more about employee well-being and work-life balance, and the good news is coworking spaces are designed to address these needs! Coworking spaces provide a positive work environment where everyone is welcome: no matter your professional background or your skills, coworking spaces like to invite everyone to their community. The pleasant environment very often leads to increased productivity and job satisfaction among the employees. Additionally, coworking spaces provide wellness amenities such as fitness areas, rooms for meditation, and ergonomic workspaces that grow employees’ well-being and relieve the stress from the workload.