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      5 reasons why hot desks are beneficial to a company’s work space

      hot desks

      Have you ever felt tired of always sitting at the same desk? Or you might want another desk with a different view and setting. Well, in that case, you will be happy to hear about hot desking and how it might benefit you and your company. 

      In this article, the professionals from MyFlex will tell you more about hot desking and why they find it a valuable asset to your company. We are going to talk more in-depth about the history of hot desks, and their advantages, including improved collaboration, accommodation for everyone, affordability, tidiness, and flexibility.

      History of hot desks

      Don’t get fooled by the name. Hot desks are not, in reality, hot, but normal desks, only that people can use them at different times. Some people claim the history of hot desking arrived on the business scene in the 1980s, while other famous journalists wrote about it in The New York Times for the first time in 1994.

      Additionally, some believe the term hot desking derived from the phrase “hot raking,” which originated in the US Navy. Because sailors did not have enough room to rest, they slept in turns, referred to as hot racking.

      Today, hot desks have reshaped how we think about businesses, office space, collaboration, and approach. They are extremely popular among big firms and small start-ups that like experimenting with new methods and ideas.

      Five reasons to get a hot desk 

      If you are curious and want to change your firm’s atmosphere, hot desks might be the perfect solution. Let’s learn about the five benefits of hot desking and why you might want to get one for your employees or yourself.

      Improved collaboration

      Good collaboration is key for every business and its success. Since hot desks have been designed with the idea of changing ‘owners’ daily, this way people from the office can work closely with other colleagues they haven’t met before. Initially, this might improve collaboration in the office, support idea-generating, and strengthen relationships between colleagues. After all, people are all social beings who like to communicate on different topics and occasions. Providing hot desks to your firm will boost the company’s social culture and connectivity.

      Accommodation for remote workers

      Nowadays, we live in a remote world where many people work from their homes or in a different part of the world. However, they occasionally have the opportunity to visit the office or decide to work from there just for a change. Hot desks are the perfect solution for remote workers since they don’t need a permanent workstation but just a temporary one they can use whenever they want. Furthermore, hot desks are appropriate for trainees, part-time employees, and even consultants.

      Affordable and convenient

      Do you have a great office and sometimes wonder about what to do with the unused space? Well, hot desking would be a great solution to reduce the waste of redundant office space. One way to do that is to set up a system where employees from different shifts share workstations. This way, you will not only house more workers with few desks but will save money from buying unnecessary equipment that ends up untouched.

      More tidy and organized office

      If you have always dreamt of starting your day on a clean desk with no objects on it, then hot desking might be the right solution for you. Employees who use hot desks are not allowed to leave their personal belongings there and clean everything at the end of the day. This way, the workplace becomes way more organized and tidier, which might benefit the work and productivity of the employee. Furthermore, working from a cleaner office will ultimately boost the office’s overall productivity, resulting in greater results for the company.  

      Flexible working hours

      Hot desks allow employees to choose when they come to work and are more flexible in picking their working stations. This not only changes their everyday environment but allows them to experiment with different settings, meet new people from diverse departments, and remain mobile.

      Flexible working hours can boost the employee’s productivity since no two people are the same – some of us do a better job in the morning, while others prefer to start their day later. Hot desking is the perfect solution to combine all types of personalities and backgrounds in one setting and let everyone work at their own pace whenever they want to.