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      Renting an office space in Sofia. What should I look for?

      office in Sofia

      Today, renting an office space in Sofia may seem like a challenging task. Sofia has attracted many working professionals worldwide in the last decade, and its business has grown. As much as this is a great opportunity for the working people and the economy of the country, it has created some challenges when it comes to office rentals.

      In this article, the professionals from MyFlex will explain more about the essentials to look out for when renting an office space in Sofia. Furthermore, we will talk about future growth possibilities and what that means when renting an office space.

      Renting an office space for the first time

      If this is your first time renting an office space and you need help figuring out where to start, we have got you. As chaotic and hard as it may seem, renting an office space can be easy when you have a prepared plan in advance. Moreover, if you believe you can’t handle everything on your own and have unanswered questions, you can always hire a professional to help you.

      Essential things to look out for

      Renting a new office makes one consider a thousand things, some of which come up during the process and can’t be planned in advance. However, there are several aspects that can be considered and planned ahead of time.

      Think about what type of place you need, how big your budget is, what is your dream location and building design, and look for public transportation and parking possibilities. Lastly, don’t forget to read the lease agreement and understand what it says. In the next few paragraphs, we will discuss these factors in detail.

      Understand your needs

      Before embarking on the adventure of searching for a new office space, it is a good idea to carefully understand your needs. What exactly are you searching for, and how many people do you want to accommodate in this new office? Do you see yourself working there in the next few years, or do you see this as a long-term opportunity? These are some of the questions that will help you figure out how you see yourself and your employees in your new office space.

      Set your budget

      Setting a correct budget and establishing how much money you are willing to spend is essential when renting an office space. Sticking to your budget is recommended, or you can get overwhelmed by the expenses with time. When you have your budget figured out, you can choose the location that corresponds to it. Will it be in the city center of Sofia, or more in the city’s outskirts?

      Choose the location

      Once you’ve determined your budget, you’ll be able to quickly choose your location and start looking for available office spaces. It is important to choose a location that is both good for your clients and employees.

      Parking a public transportation

      Considering parking and public transportation is one of the most crucial factors when renting a new office space. Fortunately, Sofia’s public transport is quite modern, with the subway reaching nearly every point of the city. Moreover, trams and buses are also viable options. Renting an office with parking space might be a challenging task, but not an impossible one. Furthermore, you can always try to find parking in the area that is within walking distance.

      Consider the layout and design

      Layout and design are key factors for boosting productivity and accommodating your business workflow. When renting an office space, consider whether it includes ready-to-use offices or you must build everything from scratch. Some landlords don’t allow repairs, so you must carefully consider your intention with them beforehand.

      Local amenities

      Think about the local amenities near your office. Are there restaurants or cafes where your employees can go to rest and eat during lunch? Furthermore, some employees like to visit the gym during their lunch break, and others prefer a walk in the park. Local amenities can greatly enhance the work environment and overall well-being of employees. Keep these factors in mind when choosing a new office space.

      Carefully read and understand the lease agreement

      When reading the lease agreement for the first time, ensure you have read key terms and conditions, including the lease duration, monthly rent, maintenance costs, and utilities like electricity, internet, and water. If you still have questions after reading the lease agreement, it is best to discuss them with your lawyer.

      Think about future growth

      Are you thinking of expanding your business in the future? If the answer is yes, then it might be best to look for a bigger office space which can someday accommodate more people. This way, you will avoid the need to relocate or rent a new office space in the future.