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      How to choose the perfect conference room for your needs? 7 tips from Myflex

      conference room

      Are you planning on organizing your next event and need a conference venue to meet your needs? Then don’t worry because MyFlex got you covered! In this article, we will delve into the secrets of the perfect conference room and provide seven important tips to follow when looking for the best one. 

      What is a conference room

      Before discussing the factors of finding the perfect conference room, let’s first understand what it is and why we might need one for our next event.

      Many people mistake a conference room for a meeting room. However, the conference room is slightly bigger and has a more formal setting than the meeting room. It can be used for various purposes, including business meetings, training sessions, etc.

      Different types of conference rooms exist depending on the size and its purpose. If you are planning to host an event with a large number of attendees, it is recommended to consider booking a conference room. This way, you will make sure everyone can attend and feel comfortable in the respected setting.

      The perfect conference room

      We know how hard it can be to find the perfect conference room that offers everything from capacity to a comfortable setting and modern technology. However, it is not impossible to find one. Here are the seven tips you can follow to ensure you reserve the next venue that will contribute to the success of your event.

      Tip 1: Think about capacity

      The capacity is the first factor you need to consider when booking a conference room. If you plan on inviting more people for a long time, having comfortable seating in all sessions and a place for relaxation during the breaks is recommended. Furthermore, to avoid booking a huge room that will create a sense of emptiness, ensure you know the count of your guests who will come.

      Tip 2: Consider comfort

      Comfort is a factor that goes hand in hand with capacity. The first step in ensuring everyone feels at ease during a meeting is to have comfy furniture. Moreover, people tend to be more focused when they are in a comfortable space. Consider ergonomic chairs for your next conference meeting, for example. They may be more expensive than standard desk chairs, but they will ensure your conference’s productivity and impact your guests.

      Tip 3: Location and access

      If you want to maximize attendance at your conference, choosing a convenient location is critical. Make sure the venue is accessible by public transport, airport accessible, and close to nearby hotels where your guests can stay after the conference if needed. Moreover, nearby conference parking is crucial as more people will drive there. Finally, it is important to look for facilities that can accommodate those with disabilities. 

      Tip 4: Modern technology

      One more factor you should consider is the technology. Access to modern technology is crucial for you to have the perfect conference. This might include wireless Internet, video and voice call equipment, big screens, and projectors. Think about the presentation you would like to give and what kind of technology you will need. Furthermore, if you intend to invite online guests, you must first test the A/V equipment. 

      Tip 5: Hospitality services

      Fresh food and beverages are often a key element to every conference. Since conferences usually involve panels and discussions, it’s likely that attendees will feel hungry or thirsty. Ensuring fresh food, water and coffee will create a good impression and make your meeting more enjoyable and productive.

      Tip 6: Design and aesthetics

      Aesthetics might not be something you consider important, but guests enjoy a unique environment. Ensuring your venue is modern, with comfortable, inviting furniture, will make a good impression on the guests, who would probably want to return to your next year’s conference. So don’t be afraid to experiment with different settings, unique furniture, and ideas!

      Tip 7: Consider your budget

      Last but not least, always consider your budget before starting to organize a conference event. Take your time and look into the options you have, as well as the whole cost of the event. Keep in mind that certain days of the week may have a discount rate and cost less than others. Finally, sticking to your budget and taking all the time you need is worth it because it is a significant cost item.