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      3 tips for adapting to a shared office space

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      Shared office spaces have become a famous choice among many working people. Some have outgrown the traditional office and are looking for a change in setting. Others are looking for a new and exciting challenge, which includes meeting new people and getting out of the comfort of the familiar office. And lastly, some people are just curious to find out what all the excitement is about and whether these relatively new office spaces are practical and suitable for different business needs.

      In this article, MyFlex will tell you more about the nature of the shared office space and give you three valuable tips for benefitting the most from it. By the end, you will have a general knowledge of how to get the best out of this place, with the hope that you will decide to give it a try!

      What is a shared office space

      Shared office space is a popular and cost-effective solution for companies that do not wish to commit to an entire private facility but rather pay only for the space they use. The shared office space is flexible, available to anyone who wants to try it, and provides many benefits to people.

      How can we benefit from shared office space

      Some benefits of shared office spaces include various working facilities such as high-speed internet and printers, which give great flexibility because you are free to customize your options. Additionally, shared office spaces provide people with a great chance to network and meet professionals from all kinds of fields. This creates a positive and dynamic work environment that might serve as a motivation for a lot of people to perform better at their jobs.

      Tips on how to adapt to shared office space

      If you are new to the shared office space and trying to find suitable ways to adjust, the following three tips can help you and make the process less easy!

      Tip 1: Organize your workspace

      Do you know the feeling when you come home to your apartment, and everything is in place – organized, just like how you did it? This makes the accomplishment of some tasks seem easier and even more enjoyable. We believe the same goes for the workspace. Organizing your workspace can depend on the agreement you have, but in most cases, it allows some organization of your private belongings.

      Try to clean your desk and organize it each morning to avoid messiness at the end of the working day. Moreover, when you add a personal touch to your desk, such as a nice family photo, a book, or a calendar, you can feel more motivated to perform your tasks during the day. Ensure you take something that is close to your heart and has a positive influence on your mood, and you will start to love the shared workspace even more.

      Tip 2: Embrace the technology

      Every shared office space usually comes with modern technology that facilitates working operations and enhances productivity. Some of the most common technological advancements you will find in shared office spaces include high-speed internet, smart office equipment, experience apps designed for members, virtual reality tours, booking and reservation systems, and more. When you go to a shared office space, ensure you are familiar with all the technology it offers and try to use it as much as possible. You will be surprised how much it can help and make your work more enjoyable.

      For example, mobile apps for coworking are created to help members manage their shared office spaces. This includes booking a place, accessing amenities, and connecting to other members from the shared office space.

      Tip 3: Communicate and network

      And last but not least, our third tip is about communicating and networking. These are two crucial tips we believe can make anyone’s experience at a shared office space more beneficial.

      Once you go to a shared office space for the first time, you will notice the people around you all come from different professional backgrounds and are working in various firms. However, that does not mean you can’t exchange ideas and experiences with them! On the contrary, professionals are usually very eager to meet and learn from other professionals in a working and friendly environment.

      One of the events at which you can meet some of these people and engage in a conversation includes the so-called networking events. They are often organized by shared office spaces with the idea of providing workers with the opportunity to meet and work on creative problems. Of course, you don’t need to wait for the next networking event to meet new people – you can easily engage in conversation during lunchtime or even with the person sitting next to you!