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      How to find a coworking space in Sofia that suits your needs?

      coworking space in Sofia

      In the last few years, Sofia has become a very welcoming coworking city full of people from all around Europe and the globe. Diverse professionals have been coming to Bulgaria’s capital to work remotely, and the locals have also taken advantage of the coworking community.

      In the fast-paced world we live in today, the traditional office is no longer the standard, and people have been trying to work remotely. The reasons for this decision are endless – from flexibility and diversity to finding your own community. In this article, the professionals from MyFlex will tell you more about how to find the best working place in Sofia for your needs and what to watch out for.

      What is a coworking space?

      Coworking space does not have one concrete definition. It circles around the idea that this is a place where everyone, regardless of professional background, can go and work. This space is suitable for people who would like to work with a team or independently as often as they want to while enjoying many other facilities and priorities. The coworking space is the best way to experiment and figure out what is that you need in order to feel comfortable and productive in the workplace.

      How to find the best working place in Sofia for you

      Once you decide to try working in a coworking space, you have to deal with a couple more decisions. The right coworking space has an environment that makes you feel comfortable and enjoy your work while you spend time there. To find the perfect coworking space for you, we have prepared some factors to keep in mind when you are looking for the best working place in Sofia.

      Think about location

      Our first recommendation is to consider the location of the coworking space. Everyone loves it when their work is closer to their home so they can get these 15 extra minutes of sleep in the morning. If you cannot find a coworking space within walking distance from your home, make sure you end up at one that has public transport close to it or parking near it. Choosing a more convenient location will save you a lot of time and extra expenses in the long term.

      Consider facilities and amenities

      Most coworking places offer a variety of exciting facilities and amenities that employees can use. When looking for a coworking space, consider if they have meeting rooms, private offices, and communal spaces. Depending on your work, you might want to organize meetings or take some time to work alone on a big project without any extra distractions. Amenities like high-speed internet, printers, and kitchen facilities are essential for a comfortable and productive working environment.

      Research the community vibe

      What is unique about a coworking space is that everyone there comes from a different background and has experience like no one else. Working from a coworking space creates a golden opportunity to meet new people, form friendships, or even receive working advice. Additionally, many coworking spaces actively like to organize networking events, workshops, and social activities from which people can benefit in various ways. Consider a coworking space that hosts such events, forming a vibrant community that can enhance collaboration and professional growth.

      Cost and membership plans

      According to recent statistics, the average coworking space in Bulgaria can start from 199 BGN to 519 BGN per desk. However, the average per-person cost for coworking space can vary depending on the location and the amenities you would like to use. This is why coworking spaces, depending on your needs, offer a variety of membership plans you should consider beforehand. Some of them are daily, monthly, or even yearly membership plans. This provides flexibility to clients who might not have the time or don’t want to work for too long in a coworking space. Despite the initial cost, many people view coworking space as an investment that pays off in the long term since it enhances productivity in your job and helps you perform better.

      Check out relevant reviews

      Last but not least, when choosing your next coworking space, always ensure you read relevant reviews beforehand! Reviews are important as you will read about another person’s experience and personal insights. Do not only read the positive reviews but also get a sense of the negative ones, gaining a well-rounded understanding of the coworking space. By reading reviews from old coworking space customers, you can make informed decisions and decide if a particular coworking space aligns with your preferences and work style. Do not be afraid to experiment and discover the pleasure of coworking alongside fellow professionals!