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      Creating the ideal coworking environment: lounge and space features

      coworking space

      Using a coworking space is becoming more and more popular among many young entrepreneurs, freelancers and remote workers. All of these professionals have one thing in common and it is that they seek a productive and flexible, creative workspace. The coworking office is not just an alternative to working from home but a whole new ecosystem, designed to foster the wellbeing of all members. At its very core one can see the lounge and space elements, which are key to defining the coworking experience. 

      The lounge area is the place where all workers take a break from their job life and relax in the good life for a few nice minutes. The lounge is not just made for letting steam off but also for networking and sharing ideas. When people are relaxed, there are a lot of good things that can happen. A well-designed lounge area of a coworking space significantly improves the ambiance and comfort and enhances the sense of community.

      The space design is key. Flexibility is a must because the space has to fit as many individual needs as possible, but also the communal ones. Young workers require a huge arsenal of working modes, from those that require privacy and hyper focus, to those that require a big table and conversations. But be aware that simple offices won’t do the job. The coworking user expects access to different workspaces that are equipped with the right kinds of amenities and high end tools. 

      Common lounges are one thing but being able to keep yourself fit while at work is on a whole different level. All the zones, dedicated to fitness, yoga and wellness are welcomed by any member of the coworking space, because this means they will be able to let off steam while being productive. 

      All of these key amenities create a work environment in which every remote worker can thrive and achieve their full potential. 

      What is the idea of the coworking space?

      The idea of coworking spaces came about as a solution to the problems of an evolving workforce. The old office spaces were starting to become old-fashioned and seen as too demanding by many employees and even employers. The modern work environment made physical rental offices stale and staid, because most employees were given the option to work from home and anywhere in the world. Offices were seen as private and secretive, only for the employees of the particular company and if we reverse this formula we can see what coworking spaces are trying to do.

      The coworking philosophy is centered around flexibility. Unlike traditional offices, coworking ones are available for short-term memberships and offer a great variety of workspace options where people can use private offices, as well as communal ones. All members of the coworking spaces are free from the previously mentioned obligations and this is a major upside of the coworking office space. 

      Coworking also allows for networking and creation of a community. Events, workshops, product launches and get-togethers are often held at coworking spaces. This key benefit not only builds professional networks but also forms a community that supports members and ideas by all means, providing a safe space for newness and innovation.

      To add to that, modern coworking spaces are the perfect combination of what workers like about home offices and what they enjoy at an actual office space. The open spaces with natural light, as well as all other amenities such as ergonomic furniture, technology, modern kitchens and many more, are conducive to working in peace and comfort.

      As a whole, a coworking space is a collaborative environment where inhabitants are able to share great ideas while enjoying the perks of a highly adaptable workspace.

      What are some of the most wanted lounge and space features in a coworking space?

      The ideal coworking space includes all kinds of amenities that can cater the needs of all users since everyone needs something different. Some of the most wanted features are a stable internet connection, many choices to sit and work and well equipped conference rooms. When a shared office space provides those things, a productive, comfortable, and versatile environment emerges. 

      Good and stable internet connection

      A good and stable internet connection is a fundamental aspect of any coworking space. It guarantees that members can work without disturbance in all manners of digital tasks – web conferencing, video streaming, e-project management. The shared office spaces tend to supply their members with more than one network option and even additional systems that guarantee little to no interruption to service. 

      Many choices of places to sit and work

      One of the most wanted lounge and space features in a coworking space is being able to choose a place to sit and work from many options. There, you can find traditional desks, standing desks and lounge chairs, which invite you to have a conversation with another member or just to sit back and relax. There seems to be something for everyone in a coworking space and if not, that’s what it should strive to achieve. Ergonomic furniture is a must as well, since it helps people be more productive while being comfortable. The diversity of seating options accommodates different types of work and work styles in a way that few other setups can claim.

      Well equipped conference room

      It is essential that a coworking space has a well equipped conference room, or more of them. Conference rooms have to be equipped with modern audiovisual technologies that facilitate effective and engaged communication between participants. Comfortable seating and soundproofing go a long way toward enhancing the meeting experience. These features ensure privacy and minimize distractions for the users of the room. 

      Why are coworking spaces becoming more popular?

      Coworking spaces are becoming increasingly popular due to many reasons, most of which already mentioned in the article. However, there are others such as cost-effectiveness and the fact that they are, well, popular. When something becomes popular and people hear about it, it’s only natural that they want that exact same thing. So it has become fashionable. 

      The cost-effectiveness of the coworking spaces allows for individuals who are freelancing to have their own space, apart from their home. They are able to craft, create and explore and also have meetings with clients by paying a monthly membership fee that is far from what they would normally pay for an actual office. What is more, companies who have their employees scattered all over the world prefer this method of communication and meeting, because they do not have to pay all the bills of an office but only a monthly membership fee to enjoy a beautiful and modern setting with all needed amenities

      Fashion is what makes coworking spaces become more popular. One company learns that another has reduced its expenses while enjoying a cool office space. This leads to the first company also taking this step. So it just became fashionable to work in a coworking space. 

      Do people prefer working in coworking spaces rather than a traditional office space?

      A growing number of individuals who work remotely find the coworking space a lot more favorable than the old office. The shift offers a potential for change and a revised version of what an office should look like. The active environment in coworking spaces leads to teamwork and cooperation. People who work in them get to meet others who have similar interests and even projects. The way people from different professions are able to work together in a shared office space is evidence enough that alternative office settings can provide a more inclusive, diverse, and, well, interesting work environment. That, along with all tech and non-tech amenities makes people prefer coworking spaces rather than a traditional office. 

      Benefits of a traditional office space

      Traditional office spaces are not always a bad idea for companies. They offer an environment that enhances collaboration and communication among team members and provide essential support services and amenities. Owning or renting a traditional office can improve the credibility of a company and help workers maintain a work-life balance, which is key for most employees today. 

      How to choose a good coworking space for your needs?

      When choosing a coworking space you need to consider its location, cost and flexibility of membership, as well as community and quality support services and amenities. 

      The location of the office space is important. It needs to be easy for you to get to for a cheap price, if you’re not going on foot. Another key point to consider when choosing a coworking space is to know what exactly you’re paying for. Are there any value-add amenities such as kitchens, modern lounge areas, relax zones and modern technology? Are they helping the company culture and collaboration? If the answer is yes, then everything is okay but if it is no, you might be paying monthly or yearly membership just because it’s cheaper and more flexible to use a coworking space. Of course, these reasons should not be underestimated and yet there must be other factors that will improve the overall quality of the working environment. These most important factors will help you in choosing the right coworking space for your needs and creating the ideal coworking environment.