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      4 reasons for renting a coworking space in 2023


      In today’s busy world, everyone is dreaming about more networking and flexible opportunities when it comes to working. More and more people are discovering the advantages of coworking spaces, and businesses are taking advantage of this new working trend.

      But what exactly are coworking spaces, and why might companies want to hire them in 2023? In this article, the professionals from MyFlex will tell you more about the success of coworking spaces and discuss the main reasons for renting a coworking space.

      What is a coworking space

      A coworking space is a physical space where employees from different backgrounds can gather and work together. There is no definition of coworking space, but many can agree that it is a space where everyone can feel at ease and do their work in a positive environment. The key factor that the coworking space is made of is its collaborative nature. This is what initially drives so many people to try out this working model, and once they do – they can hardly go back to normal.

      The rise of coworking space

      Many people believe that coworking spaces emerged in the last few years, but in reality, their creation dates back to the 90s. The first coworking space was discovered in 1995 in the lively capital of Germany, Berlin. The term coworking was all about ‘working together as equals’ and the term was introduced by Bernard DeKoven. It was not until 2017 that the biggest coworking space, WeWork, was launched in New York. Since then, many coworking spaces have been following this model and trying to evolve daily.

      Four reasons to rent a coworking space

      Coworking spaces are full of possibilities and offer new experiences to those who visit them. When discussing the benefits and the reasons to rent a coworking space, it is hard to limit them to just a few. This is why we tried to list the four most essential reasons why a person should consider renting a coworking space for their business or going to work there by themselves. In the next few paragraphs, we will talk more about flexibility, networking opportunities, cost-efficiency, employees’ well-being, and work-life balance.

      1: Coworking spaces are flexible

      ​​The first reason why coworking spaces present a big opportunity for every business is that they are incredibly flexible. In today’s contemporary business world, more firms and the clients they work with rely on this flexibility. Coworking spaces are flexible because they can usually be found in multiple locations, have long working hours, and offer many benefits that typical offices don’t provide. Furthermore, the working environment includes many rooms of different sizes suitable for all kinds of collaborations and meetings.

      For example, if you are about to have an important conversation with multiple clients and you need to pitch them an idea, a room in a coworking space might be the perfect solution. It will give you privacy and provide you with the necessary amenities, such as whiteboards, touchscreens, high-speed internet, and others.

      2: Networking opportunities

      Coworking spaces offer numerous networking opportunities, which makes them the perfect place for finding new friends from different professional backgrounds. Usually, coworking spaces organize networking events, which are great places to meet new people and talk to them about your work and lifestyle.

      What is more, coworking spaces organize seminars and workshops where you can also meet potential clients and industry experts. We advise you to always participate in these events if you are looking for new doors to business opportunities, partnerships, or you want to meet new, interesting people!

      3: Cost-efficient

      Cost efficiency is a factor that individuals and businesses always take into consideration. Coworking spaces offer an interesting solution when it comes to managing finances. To begin with, these places often provide shared resources such as meeting rooms, office supplies, and amenities. This automatically reduces the need for individual investment from people and businesses. Moreover, coworking spaces offer flexible membership plans that do not tie businesses to long-term leases, and they are usually less expensive than a traditional office setting.

      4: Employee well-being and work-life balance

      Today, everyone talks more and more about employee well-being and work-life balance, and the good news is coworking spaces are designed to address these needs! Coworking spaces provide a positive work environment where everyone is welcome: no matter your professional background or your skills, coworking spaces like to invite everyone to their community. The pleasant environment very often leads to increased productivity and job satisfaction among the employees. Additionally, coworking spaces provide wellness amenities such as fitness areas, rooms for meditation, and ergonomic workspaces that grow employees’ well-being and relieve the stress from the workload.