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      Shared offices. 3 reasons why they could be the new norm


      Co-working, exchanging ideas, and interacting with people from different professional fields. Probably until now, you have heard of shared offices or even used one. More and more people prefer working from flexible office spaces rather than staying at home or a regular office. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at why shared offices have become so popular and why more and more people are choosing them as their preferred workspace.

      What are shared office spaces?

      Shared office spaces are the new alternative to the home office. Usually, employees who want to experience a different kind of remote work turn to shared office spaces. In this type of space, workers from other large firms most often lease out their offices on a long-term basis to smaller companies.

      A benefit of these types of office spaces is that they have access to different amenities that workers may not have at home. Examples are high-speed internet, desks, printing and scanning facilities, meeting rooms, and more. Moreover, a shared office space can create a sense of community as employees spend a lot of time together while working and exchanging ideas.

      Why are shared offices becoming more popular?

      It is no secret that most people are tired of working from home, especially when the pandemic left us with few options. As we slowly return to the normal pace of life, employees are discovering new ways of working, communicating, and engaging with their job. This type of work in a shared office can ultimately save you money, get you to meet new people, and increase the efficiency of your job. Here is how:

      Save money

      Why own a big, expensive office when you can rent a smaller, more affordable one that matches your needs? That’s right. There exist shared office spaces of all sizes that are designed for either big or smaller companies. You decide what will be the best for you and your employees’ needs.

      For example, the advantages of large and elaborate office buildings often come at a high cost, while smaller office spaces can offer a more affordable price range. You don’t need to worry about saving up for your rent since the overall cost per person is typically lower than renting a traditional office space. However, if you want to rent the whole place for yourself and your firm, a shared often offers flexible lease terms, allowing you to rent space for only the amount of time you need, which can be more cost-effective than a long-term lease on a traditional office space

      Meet various people 

      If you haven’t rented the whole place for yourself and your team, the possibility of meeting new people in shared office spaces is big. One great thing about such places is that they are usually filled with people from all kinds of backgrounds. The experience of interacting with professionals from various fields will broaden your horizons and allow you to exchange ideas, which is always good for your professional path.

      Increase efficiency

      Changing the familiar atmosphere and meeting new people that allow you to think outside of the box – all of this experience in a shared office will help you increase efficiency. Trying to work from a shared office can be a weird experience at first, but returning to the same old home office is hard once you try it out. The healthy and professional environment in a shared office can hardly be met somewhere else, and the amenities they provide can help you in increasing your productivity in the workplace. Although a shared office space might not be for everyone, it is worth trying out!

      The shared offices of Myflex – Shared Office Space Sofia

      If you want to experience the shared office to its fullest, we at MyFlex can help you out. Come and try working from our shared offices, where you can meet professionals from all kinds of fields. Moreover, we will make sure you have access to all the amenities you might need, such as high-speed internet, printers, desks, and more!