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      Why should you choose Myflex for coworking in Sofia? 7 main reasons


      In the last few years, Sofia has been attracting many tourists and people from all over the world. With its beautiful sightseeing spots, lively cafes and restaurants, and numerous activities, Bulgaria’s capital has been one of the most preferred spots for coworking.

      Myflex’s mission is to provide a flexible office experience for everyone who wants to experience the coworking style and immerse in a new business environment. Our team is dedicated to ensuring every employee meets their specific needs and requirements, which will leave you satisfied with your work.

      , Why should you choose Myflex for coworking in Sofia? 7 main reasons, My Flex

      More about Myflex – a coworking space (Sofia)

      Myflex is a co-working space in Sofia that aims to provide every working person with a comfortable and enjoyable space to do their work. Our primary mission is to create spaces that shape success, meet you with new and interesting professionals, and broaden your horizons.

      We understand that every person has unique needs when it comes to their workspace, which is why we offer a variety of offices and amenities to cater to different working styles. Whether you are looking for a meeting room, a personal desk, or an event space, we have got you covered.

      7 reasons why you should chose Myflex as a flexible office provider 

      Myflex is more than just a co-working space in Sofia. We are on a mission to help professionals strive and succeed in their careers. Whether you’re a freelancer, a small business owner, or an entrepreneur, here are the seven reasons why you should choose Myflex as your next stop at work.

      Great location

      Located in the heart of Sofia’s thriving Megapark office hub, Myflex is the perfect location for professionals looking for a convenient and easily accessible workspace.

      With just a five-minute drive to the airport and close proximity to one of the largest shopping centers in Sofia, The Mall, our 45,000 sq.m office space is in the center of everything. Moreover, with the upcoming metro station, visiting Myflex will be even more convenient. Whether you prefer to drive or take public transportation, getting to Myflex is easy, and it does not take a lot of time.

      Variety of meeting rooms 

      At Myflex, we ensure that every employee can book their desired room, depending on their needs. At your service, we provide equipped meeting rooms of different sizes suitable for teaming up with your colleagues, meeting with clients, or hosting interviews.  

      Event space

      If you are planning your next corporate or social event, you can use Myflex’s event space to conduct it. We will ensure your event will be a place where everyone feels comfortable sharing their thoughts and getting creative.

      Additional services and amenities

      When organizing an event or a meeting, we always want everything to be perfect for the people joining us. At Myflex, we can provide you with catering services at additional cost and requested meeting amenities so that your event or meeting can go smoothly and comfortably as planned.

      Personal desks for everyone 

      Are you looking for some inspiration and increasing productivity? Then maybe it’s time to rent a personal desk. That way, you will have the chance to think and work peacefully and not get distracted by other people.

      Increased motivation and well-being

      In today’s busy and fast-paced world, we often lack motivation and disregard our wishes and concerns. We are either too busy with work or with our family that we forget why we started doing our job in the first place. At Myflex, we try to light that spark and remind you of how great you can do and how your well-being and wishes are important in order to perform well in your career.

      Meeting inspiring people

      Inspiration often comes from conversation. Co-working spaces allow you to meet with various people of different and exciting backgrounds, with experiences and stories that may inspire you. Many people visit our co-working space daily and form friendships and valuable contacts. So, if you feel like you have been staying in your comfort zone and have been surrounded by the same people for too long, maybe it’s time to try something new. Or meet someone new.

      How can Myflex help you?

      At Myflex, we believe we can help you build your professional career and make you remember why your job and well-being matter. We know that a fulfilling job and a supportive work environment can make all the difference, and that’s why we go above and beyond to provide you with everything you need to succeed. Moreover, we have people coming from different backgrounds and expertise who are motivated and eager to share their knowledge with others.