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      How to find the perfect shared office space in Sofia? The complete guide

      shared office sofia

      Have you ever dreamt of finding the perfect shared office space in the lively capital of Sofia, but you don’t know what and where to look for? Then this article is for you! The professionals from MyFlex will delve into the nature of shared office space, explore the benefits of coworking, and explain why we can choose it over the traditional office. Furthermore, we will provide valuable tips on finding the best shared office space in Sofia that corresponds to your needs.

      Why coworking and shared office?

      Originating in the lively capital of Germany, Berlin, shared office or coworking spaces have become an integral part of modern work culture. Today, these types of places have overcome a big transformation and represent an essential element for many people who are looking for an innovative approach to work.

      How is the work environment changing?

      Today, an increasing number of people desire to discover a workspace that enhances their productivity and encourages collaboration and inspiration. These qualities can be recognized in shared office spaces, which have been gaining a lot of popularity due to their flexibility. Unlike traditional office spaces, the shared office provides more networking opportunities and a new type of healthier environment.

      Coworking vs. Traditional office. A matter of flexibility.

      We live in a fast-paced world where flexibility and speed are key factors. Shared office spaces offer different solutions that meet the needs of modern businesses and offer amenities that include a variety of workspaces and opportunities to meet with clients.

      Key considerations for choosing a shared office space in Sofia

      Before choosing your next shared office space in Sofia, there are a couple of key considerations you should take into account. These include the location and the amenities and facilities the coworking space provides.

      Finding the perfect location

      In a world where every minute is important and time can be limited, it is crucial to find a workplace that is in a nice location, ideally closer to our home. When choosing your next coworking space in Sofia, consider the accessibility and the environment that surrounds it. Choosing a neighborhood that corresponds to your needs and tastes is essential. Our advice is to check out the coworking space and its location before going out to work there so you can see how close it is to your home and whether it is accessible by car or public transport.

      Amenities and facilities

      Shared office spaces are famous mainly for the amenities and facilities they provide to make employees feel more comfortable and at ease. When choosing your next coworking space, think about what you lack in your traditional office that you desperately need. Are its facilities like high-speed internet, printers, or whiteboards? Or is it a simple coffee machine and chill room that you would like to take a rest in from time to time? Luckily, modern coworking spaces in Sofia provide all the necessary amenities and facilities to make your stay more pleasant and, hopefully, your job more fun.

      Different types and options of shared office spaces in Sofia

      Apart from the perfect location and exciting facilities, shared office spaces come in different styles and office options. Moreover, they offer a variety of membership plans you can choose from depending on how long you plan to stay. Let’s take a look at some of these options!

      Understanding the variety 

      In the last few years, Sofia has become a lively and exciting capital that welcomes many foreigners who like to work from coworking spaces. This is one of the reasons why shared office spaces have expanded their horizons and created all types of options available in Sofia. For instance, some shared office spaces are more like casual cafés with coworking vibes, while others are fully equipped professional coworking spaces suitable for business meetings. The idea is to find the setting that aligns with your work style and professional needs.

      Choose your membership plan

      Coworking spaces are flexible when it comes to membership plans. Shared office spaces in Sofia understand how flexibility and the different prices are important for people. Therefore, they provide membership plans to fit everyone’s needs depending on the type of shared office space and the amenities they offer. Whether you would like to work from shared office spaces twice a week or go there every day, you can find coworking spaces offering something for everyone.

      How to make the most of your shared office experience in Sofia

      If we can give you only one advice on how to have the best time in your shared office experience, it would be to delve into the networking and collaboration opportunities shared office spaces in Sofia provide. Full of colorful and diverse community, shared office spaces have the potential to open doors for employees’ growth in professional plans and even new friendships.