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      Boosting efficiency in coworking spaces: top perks and event space highlights

      coworking space

      Cooking spaces are becoming more and more popular every year. Everyone who does not go to an office, from freelancers, entrepreneurs and remote employees can benefit greatly from an open coworking space. Some might say that coworking is not exactly the purpose of these spaces but we disagree. Coworking spaces are effective in bringing out the best productivity in remote workers and certain strategies can boost efficiency even more. 

      For example, the design of the coworking office is essential. If the place has different types of ergonomic furniture, flexible workstations, meeting zones, quiet zones and more, then it can meet the needs of all its users and foster an environment full of productive professionals.

      Let’s face it – community in coworking spaces is important and if the place hosts a variety of social activities weekly, a supportive community will grow in it. This also creates business opportunities and growth, not too often seen in regular offices. 

      Comfort and technology are sometimes absent from regular offices but should be present in a coworking space. Wellness amenities to help reduce stress, such as fitness rooms and meditation areas can help workers enhance their focus. High-end technology and equipment are essential for streamlining workflow and productivity. 

      In this article you will learn about the benefits of an open coworking space, why you should choose it for your next event, as well as how MyFlex can help you in terms of private meetings and events. 

      What are the benefits of an open coworking space? 

      Coworking spaces are the place where creativity is at full speed. There are numerous benefits to an open coworking space. Some of them include flexibility and cost-efficiency, enhanced collaboration, increased productivity, access to amenities and services, work-life balance, innovation and creativity, professional environment and many more. 

      Should you choose an open coworking space, you can enjoy flexibility of membership plans. This benefit is a very cost-efficient way to enjoy a good and highly technical working environment. 

      Enhanced collaboration is key to a successful and effective coworking space. An open working environment facilitates all kinds of positive interactions, healthy professional interactions and even potential new partnerships. 

      Most open and collaborative coworking spaces are designed with the concept of productivity. The furniture and all amenities are ideal for like-minded people to share their experience and business ideas while the newest technical equipment helps it all come true. This environment fosters not only increased productivity but also a motivating and energetic atmosphere that takes over all users of the space.

      The range of amenities, provided in a coworking space such as fast WiFi connection, meeting rooms, administrative support and even workshops, allow all members of the coworking space to focus on their achievements and work and not on how the office is maintained. 

      While they need these facilities to be productive, they also need some places to let off steam. This is possible thanks to the wellness programs, relax and fitness zones in the open coworking space. Even though, still at the office, remote workers are able to reduce stress and prevent burnout by simply changing rooms which is beneficial and more efficient than getting in your car and racing to get to your yoga class. These amenities can lead to a better well-being and overall job satisfaction.

      If you are a freelancer and need to meet your clients, what better place than a professional-looking meeting room in a coworking space? You cannot invite them to your apartment or at a cafè since this seems unprofessional and they might not accept your offer. The availability of a well-equipped room for meetings in a coworking office is the best option to enhance your credibility and make yourself look and feel like a confident businessman or businesswoman. 

      Benefits of a well equipped coworking space

      As stated previously, there are numerous benefits of a coworking space. Starting from the internet and ending at the possibility to do yoga while at work, we can get lost in all the positive things that such a space offers. A well-equipped space, however, means that members can enjoy all sorts of amenities. This includes coffee and water machines, good choice of snacks, private spaces for managing meetings and conference rooms for meetings with their colleagues. 

      Coffee and water machines, good choice of snacks

      Coffee and water machines, as well as a good choice of snacks are conveniences that help workers stay energized and productive throughout the workday. The quality refreshments can help with the need to go out of the coworking office space to grab coffee or snacks, which boosts efficiency and creates a comfortable working environment. Snacks, coffee and water in the office are proven to have an overall positive effect on the workers’ satisfaction. 

      Private spaces for managing your meetings

      Meetings sometimes need to be strictly confidential, depending on the specifics of your job. Private spaces for managing meetings, offered by coworking spaces are essential and ensure discussions remain safe and no distractions are in the way of the success of the meeting. Typically, these private areas are soundproof and comfortable enough to accommodate a professional and private atmosphere. Using such a space in the coworking office makes the overall quality of business interactions more enjoyable and leaves a positive impression on the person or people on the other side of the screen.

      Conference rooms for meeting with your colleagues

      Conference rooms are what we call a key benefit of the coworking space, making it indeed well-equipped. These rooms are furnished with the latest technology which facilitates seamless communication between all colleagues who are part of the meeting. Conference rooms are designed to take in a large number of people. All of these perks make the conference room in a space for coworking an ideal place for brainstorming sessions, presentations and team meetings. 

      How does a private meeting take place in a conference room at Myflex?

      Hosting a private meeting in a conference room at MyFlex is a highly efficient process, due to its top notch amenities, technology and great support services. These key components create a dynamic productive environment for a successful private meeting. 

      Once you have booked the room or a whole space, depending on what your needs and expectations are, the support team of MyFlex will arrange everything that you need for a smooth meeting. This includes seating, supplies and notepads, catering, coffee and any audio/video equipment. 

      When the day of the meeting comes, MyFlex staff greets attendees and welcomes them into the meeting room, where they will be able to enjoy a professional environment and focus on the objectives of the meeting. The modern technology in the room allows for hybrid meetings and high-quality video conferencing and presentations. Its privacy allows for confidential conversations and exchange of information between all attendees and any service meets are met by the MyFlex support team, making the attendees feel comfortable and keeping them focused on what is important. 

      Why should you choose a coworking space for your next event?

      Choosing a coworking space for your next event means that you will enjoy a blend of versatile and modern facilities, as well as a built-in community. Hosting impactful and exciting events that your guests will remember and truly enjoy is not an easy task, but with the help of a professional coworking office and its event space, you can achieve it all in the blink of an eye.

      Versatile and modern facilities

      With their modern and versatile facilities, coworking spaces can meet a full list of event requirements. Inside these walls, there are few limits as to what can be done. Their architecture gives the nod to convenience and efficiency. What’s provided technologically rivals opportunities that have only recently given rise to the coworking event space. High-speed internet, projectors, and a combo of visual and aural accouterments make for a virtually seamless event experience—whether the happening is in real life or online. In the contemporary coworking design setup, there’s also no shortage of ways to enjoy and engage.

      Built-In community

      An exceptional advantage of arranging an event in a shared working space is the existing community. These spaces often serve as centers of inspiration and imagination, bringing together professionals from different lines of business for what can amount to a kind of serendipity. By opting for an event in a shared working space, a company is really obtaining access to an environment more akin to a think tank than a typical (and potentially isolating) conference setup. The community of a working shared space leads to opportunities for networking both during the event and afterward. It can even lead to the kinds of conversations and connections that culminate in real partnerships. The whole setup plays out within a far more interactive and engaging environment for the attendees, who will leave the event feeling like they were a part of something rather special.

      How to organize an event in the coworking spaces of Myflex?

      To organize an event in the coworking spaces of MyFlex, you need to book an event space. You can do that easily through the website. Hosting and organizing an event in MyFlex coworking spaces ensures that your guests will have a memorable and efficient experience. 

      After book, the MyFlex support team will help you with layout and setup, as well as equipment or catering. Everything that will be done for the event is according to your needs and preferences and the team will ensure it is performed perfectly. Trust MyFlex with your professional event and we will provide a smooth and memorable experience both for you and your guests and clients.