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      Business Mixers and Socials: Creating Opportunities for Collaboration

      business mixer

      Business mixers and socials in coworking spaces foster a collaborative environment by bringing together professionals from diverse fields.  These events encourage spontaneous interactions, leading to knowledge exchange and new business partnerships. In addition, they help build a strong sense of community, enhancing overall productivity and satisfaction among members. Regularly participating in these activities can also boost creativity, spark innovative ideas, and open up new opportunities for growth. By attending business mixers and socials, professionals can expand their networks and stay updated on industry trends, ultimately driving personal and professional development.

      What are the benefits of business mixers and socials in a coworking space?

      The range of events and social opportunities available in coworking spaces is a significant reason for the sense of togetherness found there. These events provide both members and non-members of coworking spaces the chance to mingle and make connections. Business mixers and company socials serve this purpose best. These events, held in a relaxed setting, introduce professionals to each other, and often lead to the formation of business relationships that can carry far past the coworking space and the event space. Whether you find them at an in-person event or not, adopting this part of the community you decide to join might be the best decision you make.


      One of the most priceless aspects of coworking is the opportunity it gives professionals to network and make those all-important connections that can, and often do, change the trajectory of a person’s business. Networking in a coworking space during a business mixer is a great opportunity to make the next benefit of the event happen – creativity. 


      Creativity should be nurtured with an environment that inspires, and that’s what a shared workspace offers. Young professionals thrive taking their ideas to a stimulating space with a community that’s as varied as the norms and values of their different industries. Shared spaces are a mix of industry standards and often deviant paths to solutions, and in this way, they stimulate from without as well as from within. The more workspaces invest in networking events and shared experiences like lunches and happy hours, the greater the odds of heightening the creativity inside.

      Opportunities for innovation

      Hotbeds of innovation, coworking spaces are where ideas are shared and take shape. They offer an invigorating atmosphere in which to work and think. And they’ve become a more common feature of our working lives. A business that provides shared office space is often referred to as a “workplace-as-a-service” or “space-as-a-service” entity. Coworking spaces mix and blend lots of different people from lots of different industries who otherwise might not have a socially shared venue for inspiration that is work.

      How to plan a successful business mixer?

      To make a business mixer successful, there are several things to keep in mind. First, you need to figure out what the mixer is for and what it’s trying to accomplish. Next, choose a suitable coworking space or lounge with the right ambiance and amenities. From start to finish, the purpose of a business mixer is to connect people. And once you know what the mixer is all about, you need to let your target audience know about it. You do that by inviting them using social media or email. 

      Choose the right event space

      Finding the right event space is a “make or break” decision for a business mixer. It’s absolutely important that the location is not far away, and it must provide plenty of parking or public transportation. The worst-case scenario is forcing attendees to walk long distances or find themselves in a parking nightmare. Also, make sure there’s enough physical space to contain the number of anticipated guests. And while you’re thinking about the guest experience, remember the atmosphere! The lights, decor, and overall feel ought to match the theme and goals of the event.

      Identify your target audience

      It is vital to identify your target audience when planning a business mixer. First, define what the main purpose of the event is—whether it is to network, share information, or develop business. Then you must make the event content worthwhile and appealing to those who might actually attend. What is the event content—reimaging the work the attendees spend most of the day doing, so that the content seems relevant to their lives, their work problems, and their work futures? Use the platform itself. Is it a vision for how coworking in a particular sector can boost productivity and speed to market? Or is it a way to maintain the vibrancy of different neighborhoods? Or is it a vision for how access to a particular kind of technology can change the world? Use these kinds of demographic details when you picture your ideal attendee.

      Promote the event

      The success of a business mixer vitally depends on the promotion. When throwing this kind of event, you should take full advantage of your digital presence, which means using social media of all kinds. It’s a good idea to use as many platforms as you can reach working professionals on—especially ones to which your intended audience is particularly likely to pay attention. Email campaigns are another highly effective way to get the word out, and you can use coworking space newsletters for added impact.

      How to choose the proper lounge for your business mixer?

      Picking the right lounge is essential for creating the proper moods for your business event. Think about the guest count when finding a place. You don’t want to cram everyone into a space that’s too small. And if you’re having a type of the earlier mentioned event with a modern twist, then you flat out want a place that looks like business gets done there. It also helps if the place includes the types of furniture one might expect at a convention center or office reception area; don’t forget seating either.