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      Coworking Trends in Sofia: How Have They Changed?


      Updated on: 19.06.2024

      Sofia, the capital of Bulgaria, has been rapidly evolving. And it’s not the skyline or the aesthetics, but the transforming commercial space that has gained immense attention. There’s been a growing demand for coworking space in the rental space industry. It’s become almost a new standard in mid-to-large-sized organizations. Whether you want to hold a commercial meeting or a training event, more and more organizations are considering these shared spaces to enjoy affordable, well-equipped, and neat places to conduct business operations smoothly.

      What is Coworking?

      Coworking is a rental space concept in which people from different departments come together to work in the space using shared resources. It refers to the setting where businesses work outside their main workspace and rent a place that offers all the amenities needed to conduct the required business activities seamlessly. 

      The concept was first noticed in 2000 when people were constantly on the lookout for an alternative to coffee shops and home offices. Today, it has gained so much popularity that coworking spaces are used across different industries—from people working remotely to corporate teams. 

      Do people in Sofia choose coworking spaces?

      More and more, the people of Sofia are opting for the real benefits of coworking, and with good reason. This path that was clearly defined only a few years ago is now becoming a mainstream choice for many entrepreneurs, freelancers, and startups. Not only in the capital but all over the country, the concept of “working together but alone” in a modern, flexible, and well-equipped office environment seems to be very productive and even quite awesome.

      Brief Overview of Sofia as a Coworking Hub

      According to the latest report by Cushman & Wakefield Forton, the space dedicated to the shared offices (coworking rooms) has expanded to 55,000 sq.m. A vast majority of the new coming businesses, small independent contractors, and other professionals are considering coworking hubs. 

      One of the reasons for this increasing demand for coworking space is the growth in the hybrid working model. People prefer to work from different places to enjoy the flexibility and technology that they would otherwise not get in a traditional work environment. The same report shows a surprising growth in Bulgaria’s coworking space. 

      The last quarter of 2023 reported 39,000 sq.m of rental coworking space acquired by third parties in Sofia who preferred working in shared spaces. This shows a 54% growth in the coworking space as compared to the previous year. This isn’t just a coincidence or a random statistical change, but it highlights the new trends in the coworking spaces, which are now designed to accommodate large groups and are often rented to conduct events that require 50+ attendees. 

      Number of Coworking Spaces in Sofia

      Currently, there are over 61 coworking spaces in Sofia. The industry, as mentioned above, is growing at a rapid pace to cater to the increasing demand for shared spaces. This growth is particularly seen in the capital city Sofia. It’s now become a hub for the coworking space market in Bulgaria. 

      Types of Coworking Spaces

      From niche-specific to luxury, there are different coworking spaces that cater to the needs of varying audiences. Below we’ve listed the most popular:

      • Conventional: The most common coworking space that accounts for most of the coworking offices in Bulgaria are conventional spaces. They comprise meeting rooms, private offices, kitchens, desks, and so on. These are great for small projects, freelancers, and startups.
      • Minimal: For freelancers and small businesses who want an affordable space with fewer yet essential amenities, a minimal coworking space is sufficient. You still get coffee and desks, but it lacks a private office for boardroom meetings or advanced technology.
      • Niche-specific: As the name suggests, these spaces target a specific community or a market related to a certain niche.
      • High-end: These are luxury coworking spaces equipped with the latest technology, advanced security devices, private spaces, and the best interiors. 

      Key Trends in Coworking Spaces

      Let’s check out the latest trends in the coworking space in Sofia


      Coworking spaces are considerably more flexible than their traditional office counterparts. They can rent these spaces for any duration and event. These rooms have flexible furniture and technical arrangements, allowing you to adjust the space according to your business requirements.

      Technology Integration

      You can find modern technology, collaboration tools, reliable Wi-Fi, biometric access control, IoT devices, and wireless charging stations (to name a few) integrated into the coworking space. 

      Sustainability Initiatives

      Coworking spaces aren’t just focusing on creating a shared workspace that offers the best technology to renters, but sustainability is an equally important concept for them. They adapt to the practices that have the least impact on the environment.

      Community-building and Networking

      A coworking space is much more than a board meeting room. It’s a space that promotes fun group activities, such as music, get-togethers, and other activities. This helps improve team collaboration and communication. 

      Design and Workspace Aesthetics

      Featuring flexible layouts with ergonomic furniture and other adjustable tools, coworking space are centered around a flexible working approach. The industry is known for its beautiful aesthetics, art, and decor, all of which contribute to a visually appealing space that enhances productivity and engagement.

      How to choose a good coworking space that fits your needs?

      Selecting a suitable coworking space that caters to your individual preferences requires keeping a few important things in mind.

      Select a coworking space in Sofia that is located right for you—near home, in good proximity to a business hub, or someplace that has a nice café, for example. This simply saves time and makes the day more efficient. Coworking place benefits include maintaining a good work-life balance by replacing commuting time with easy access and a well-framed work schedule.

      Make sure the space you choose offers the necessary amenities, such as high-speed internet, meeting rooms, and a fully stocked kitchen. You should also check for any “nice-to-have” features like relaxation areas, coffee bars, and event spaces. 

      Networking and collaboration are pivotal for thriving businesses, and what better way is there to network than simply working shoulder-to-shoulder with someone whom you’ve just met? Coworking spaces are boiling pots within which your business (and you personally) can connect with links to networks of other businesses.

      Membership Options: Look at the pliability of the available membership options. Do you work best at a hot desk or a dedicated one? Do you require a private, four-walled office? These are things that need to be considered for those looking to make their business venture work and succeed. You want the kinds of things that will make you feel comfortable and incite creativity and productivity. Coworking spaces offer a greater variety of all those things than most traditional office settings.