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      Top 5 benefits of Myflex meeting rooms


      Are you looking for a coworking space that will fit your business needs? Then you have come to the right place. MyFlex is a coworking space that provides a variety of meeting rooms for companies and employees. We guarantee our clients have enough privacy, plenty of space, support services, access to A/V technology, and an easy booking procedure. All in one place.  

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      Myflex meeting rooms: what are they?

      MyFlex meeting rooms have been designed so that employees get the most pleasure from their working day. If you need to prepare for an important client meeting with your team or host an interview, MyFlex got you covered.

      Our meeting rooms use the latest A/V technology, ensuring an effortless communication experience that enables meeting attendees to take part virtually from the comfort of their homes. Moreover, we are more than happy to offer you the necessary facilities to guarantee the pleasure of your stay and the efficiency of your work. 

      Providing plenty of space and an easy booking procedure for our rooms, our goal is to maximize our members’ productivity, leaving them satisfied with their work.

      Top 5 benefits of the business meeting rooms

      The business meeting rooms have been designed to help workers communicate their ideas and create new ones. It is a great way to help yourself and your team to become more engaged in your work, hold discussions, and even become more creative. MyFlex business meeting rooms carry five benefits that guarantee the best coworking experience in a healthy environment.


      Do you have an important business idea to discuss and need more privacy with your colleagues? A business meeting room will ensure better communication with your team and help you concentrate on the topic you want to explore. For a small group that wants the advantages of a coworking setting but the independence and privacy of a dedicated workspace, private offices in a coworking space might be an affordable and practical solution.

      Plenty of space

      When you plan your next business meeting, you want to ensure that you have enough space for everyone. For the perfect meeting to exist, MyFlex ensures that everyone has plenty of room where they can openly generate ideas. Whether you are a small or big team of workers, our meeting rooms come in different sizes, guaranteeing that you feel comfortable and have enough space to perform your work.

      Support services

      The most innovative and business-friendly meeting room comes along with the availability of support services. We at MyFlex ensure you get a room with a fast and reliable internet connection, allowing you to use your devices anytime. Clients can also request different meeting amenities, coffee breaks, and catering services at additional costs. Our goal is to provide you with everything that will contribute to the success of your work meeting.

      A/V technology

      Our meeting rooms are supplied with the latest technology to ensure better online interaction within the group. The demand for audiovisual (A/V) technology has been growing in the last couple of years and has helped build a modern and creative workspace for employees. The A/V experience includes video and audio features, helping people to communicate their ideas better and not worry whether every team member can be physically present in the room. This is an especially useful tool nowadays when we work with people from all over the world, allowing us to become more aligned with clients.

      Easy booking procedure

      If you would like to book a meeting room at MyFlex, you can easily do it online on our website. You can call us for more information on the rooms or any additional questions you might have.

      How to book a meeting room from Myflex?

      If you have decided to take your business meetings to another level, you can easily book a meeting room from MyFlex. You can request your membership options online and provide our team with additional information about your workplace needs. After submitting the form, you will be contacted by a team member and will be able to discuss further details.