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      Top 5 coworking space tendencies in Sofia


      Coworking spaces have become a huge part of every working person’s life. It all started in 1995 when the first coworking space, C Base, was founded in Berlin, Germany, with the idea of people sharing space and knowledge. Today, the capital of Bulgaria, Sofia, does not stay far behind being a host of various coworking spaces.

      In the last couple of years, the industry of coworking spaces has been growing, and people’s demands have been changing over time. Therefore, people in this business are doing their best to mold their spaces and offer their clients an unforgettable experience, leaving them satisfied.

      , Top 5 coworking space tendencies in Sofia, My Flex

      Why are coworking spaces becoming more and more popular?

      Whether it is motivation, networking, or the desire to recommend a different place to meet with clients, coworking spaces can offer many benefits you cannot find at home or in cafés.

      Now that most people are getting used to living their everyday lives like before the pandemic, employees are returning to coworking spaces, and their popularity is growing. Coworking spaces are evolving daily, keeping up with the latest trends and trying to provide clients with a long-lasting and comfortable experience. 

      They are unique because they offer a sense of community and the opportunity for people to collaborate. This can be achieved hard at home or in a traditional office where communication between employees is often discouraged. However, a coworking space allows people to meet other workers, talk to them, and learn from one another, making the whole work much more enjoyable.

      5 coworking space tendencies in Sofia

      Being home to many freelancers and remote workers, Sofia has a variety of coworking spaces from which people can choose. To provide the workers with a memorable experience, coworking spaces in Sofia have been keeping up with the latest trends to create the perfect networking atmosphere. We will look at six of the capital’s newest coworking space tendencies and their benefits to the clients.

      1. Technology-driven approaches

      Technology is something we can’t escape from and a necessity when working in a coworking space. In 2023, coworking space owners are investing more in technology-driven approaches to assure their customers get the best service, leaving them happy. The expectations are that workers will enjoy more user-centric technologies this year when going to a coworking space. Some examples are coworking space mobile apps for self-service, artificial intelligence (AI), virtual reality (VR), and the metaverse.

      2. Artsy interior

      Every person does better at their job when they feel more comfortable and relaxed in their space. Many coworking spaces consider comfort a top priority, and the interior is one way to achieve the customer’s expected level. From private, modern desks and sofas to antiques and art pieces, every coworking space decides what kind of interior would make the customers feel most at home. Coworking spaces always think of introducing something new and exciting to their customers, so they can easily fall in love with their working environment.

      3. Sustainability values

      In the last few years, our planet’s sustainability has been a growing concern for many people, and it looks like this concern will grow in the future. Big brands and companies feel the necessity to create a more environmentally friendly environment to show they care. 

      This will positively affect the planet and the customers because they will be involved in an eco-friendly initiative and make an impact together. Therefore, many coworking spaces are becoming more eco-conscious, taking the first steps toward the environment at a different pace. From recycling to low-flow toilets to reduce excess water usage, coworking spaces are seriously thinking of committing to the environment in the long run and attracting employees who share the same values.

      4. Flexible offices

      Why stay at one office when you can choose from different ones depending on your needs? Nowadays, employees can choose flexible office spaces that best fit their needs at that moment. All offices look different depending on whether the person is looking for a quieter area to focus on their tasks or looking for more collaboration with colleagues or workers. The benefit is that employees can take their time and complete their finest work according to their needs in a well-designed, flexible office.

      5. Focus on well-being

      Given how busy and stressful people’s lives have become, a healthy workspace is what every employee is looking for. Today, coworking space owners focus on creating the most comfortable environment and care for their client’s well-being and mental health. To ensure this, the ideal coworking spaces take their time to invest and commit to creating positive and healthy workspaces that fit every employee’s needs.

      How to choose the best fit for your business?

      There are some important factors that employees need to keep in mind when choosing the best fit for their business. An accessible location is a must nowadays, and more people prefer to go to work walking or by bike since it is good for the environment. 

      Another factor that employees should consider is the budget and the amenities they expect from the workspace. What do you need so that you run your business successfully? Do you often have meetings, or need a quieter space where you are not disturbed? Luckily, every coworking space provides different solutions, depending on your needs. Try to write them down and explore coworking spaces before choosing the one that best fits your requirements.