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      Inviting Guest Speakers to Coworking Spaces: A Guide for Event Planners

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      Coworking spaces have revolutionized the way work happens. Their advent and entry into mainstream imagination have been beneficial for employers and employees. Coworking spaces enhance the productivity of employees, bolster networking opportunities, enable employers and organizations to cut costs without compromising on employee well-being and operational quality and so forth. Moreover, coworking spaces also double as a customizable event space. From conferences to work parties to hosting guest speakers, the event space rental of a coworking can really do it all. Join us, as well delve into the basics of the topic and how you can invite guest speakers to coworking spaces. 

      6 steps for planning an event in a coworking space 

      It is incredibly easy and hassle-free to plan an event in a coworking space. However, you still need some structure and routine. A few basic steps can help enhance and streamline the process. 

      Choose the right speaker for your event

      The first step in hosting a guest speaker in a coworking space is, of course, inviting the right speaker for your event. To do so, you can first start by understanding your demographics. What kind of employees are frequenting the coworking space, what are the pertinent problems employees are facing, and how can a speaker help attend to those issues, and likewise. When you know what your demographics and the most relevant issues in their lives are, it gets much easier to filter a list of guest speakers for the event. 

      Contact the speaker early, so you can see if they are interested

      Secondly, remember to contact the speaker as early as possible. Successful entrepreneurs who frequently attend conventions and lectures are often booked several months in advance. So, you must make things quick by contacting them promptly, gauging their interest in the event and enquiring about their availability. 

      Choose a good event space for your event 

      The third and very crucial step to hosting a guest speaker optimally is to choose an excellent event space. The event space rental of a coworking is an ideal choice, as it is customizable according to your guest list. The nooks and crannies of a coworking space, including the event areas, are designed keeping in mind the needs of professional organizations and operations., Thus, the interiors and ambience of the event space will perfectly cater to your requirements. Lastly, the event spaces of coworking are also equipped with top-notch amenities, such as coffee machines, seating spaces, projectors, etc. 

      Make a schedule of the event, so you can send it out to the speakers 

      After finalizing the event space and other technical nitty-gritty, you have to prepare the schedule and send it out to the speaker or speakers (in case, there is more than one individual). This step is crucial to ensure that everybody is on time and everything happens smoothly. 

      Make a guest list for the event 

      The penultimate step of hosting a guest speaker in a coworking space is to prepare your guest. Curate a list of the individuals you would want to be at the event and ask them to RSVP to the invitation, as well. Likewise, if you want your guests to be able to bring a companion, then mention that in the invites, as well. 

      Decide on if and what kind of catering you will need for your event

      Last but not least, decide on the catering of your event. If you want to serve food, decide if you want to create small lunch boxes or packages or call cooks to prepare hot meals. 

      Why is a coworking space a great opportunity for an event?

      A coworking space is an excellent opportunity for an event because you can customize the event space, have access to amenities, opt for in-house catering and much more. Whether you want a small event space or a big one, coworking will tend to meet all your particular requirements. 

      How to rent a small event space? 

      To rent a small event space, you can get in touch with a reliable coworking space and check with them regarding the dates available and how the procedure of hosting a guest speaker with a ‘n’ number of guests will be.

      So, there we have it, a crisp overview of inviting guest speakers to coworking spaces.