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      What is a flexible office space? The complete guide


      Nowadays, we often encounter the word “flexible.” Flexible job, flexible working hours. Our life has become flexible since things are changing and speeding up with every second. But have you heard of flexible office space? We at Myflex have prepared the ultimate guide that will tell you all about this new type of office space and how you can benefit from it.

      What is a flexible office

      A flexible office space, often referred to as a workspace, is a type of office designed to suit every employee’s needs. They are easily rearrangeable and, unlike traditional offices with desks and chairs, are very dynamic and designed according to different needs.

      Every person is different and requires a diverse working environment to perform their job better. Flexible office spaces are the best option for everyone who loves flexibility and feels they need more diversity regarding their needs and ideas.  

      What does the flexible office offer

      These types of offices offer many features that could benefit you as an employee, and your colleagues, as a team. Do not hesitate to try something new and escape from the traditional office. Here are the three things you should be expecting from a flexible office.

      Flexible hours 

      Are you tired of the 8 hours working shift that starts at nine and finishes at 5? Would you like to create a different schedule so that you can spend more time with your family or by yourself? Then a flexible office might be the right office for you. This type of office will allow you to work when you want to and spend as much time as you want on a particular task. This often creates a healthy work-life balance and reflects your work and success in the future. By doing your job at a specific time according to your needs, the chances are that you will perform better and expect great results in the end.

      Moreover, flexible working not only gives employees the freedom to work in a manner that best matches their individual needs, but it also enables businesses to cut expenses and make the most of their office layouts by utilizing all available space. It is simpler to design shared spaces where teams can spontaneously gather and collaborate when there are fewer people around or for employees to withdraw into quiet places with laptops to focus on a specific assignment.

      Various pieces of furniture 

      If you are tired of settling for the office desk, a chair, and a monitor, you will like the flexible office type. This type of space allows you to have various pieces of furniture depending on your needs. And the best part is that you don’t have to buy it and worry about setting up your office from scratch.

      Suitable for individuals and teams 

      A team player or an individual employee, flexible offices are designed for both types of people. You can find work areas for different needs, like open-layout common areas, private offices, individual desks, and meeting rooms.

      Advantages of flexible offices 

      ​​Flexible offices provide freedom and allow employees to create their own environment. They come with many advantages and can help people grow in ways they have never thought of. Financially and emotionally.


      With a flexible workspace office, you won’t feel the pressure of a long-term commitment like the regular office has on you. If you are growing your team of employees and expanding your business, you can relocate without being locked into a long-term lease. This will save you a lot of stress and allow you to change locations in the future.


      Offices require a lot of investment and long-term planning. However, a flexible workspace can save you money and help you with the budget in the future. The layout, networking infrastructure, furniture, and all other amenities you need are usually taken care of in a flexible office.

      Interesting employee experience

      Because of the reduced overall costs of flexible workspace, many employees and businesses choose this type of work. The chances of you meeting new people with a different background than yours are much higher in a flexible office space. Not only will this help you catch up with the social interaction we have been missing during the pandemic, but it will also open room for creativity and new ideas.