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      5 key benefits of shared workspaces


      In the last couple of years, many workers and businesses have changed how they think about the traditional office and have turned to other alternatives – the so-called shared workspaces. But how exactly are those workspaces beneficial to the company and its employees, and why do some workers prefer them to the traditional office? This article will discuss the five benefits of a shared workspace and why you might consider it for your business.

      Main types of shared workspaces

      Shared workspaces come in different types and forms. Usually, those are spaces rented by a company, remote employees, freelancers, consultants, or anyone who does not have a permanent office. However, they serve similar functions and provide the employees with space where they can gather and share knowledge, equipment, and ideas. Depending on their needs and expectations, employees might find their preferred place in different coworking spaces that provide various amenities and differ in size.     

      5 main benefits of a shared workspace

      No matter your company size, a shared workspace can transform how your business operates and contribute to its success. Collaborative workspaces offer advantages that traditional offices sometimes cannot. Let’s look at some of them.

      1. Cutting costs

      Sometimes renting a full-floor office for your business team is too big of a commitment, especially if you plan to grow your team soon. Therefore, you can easily cut costs by only paying for the office space you need. That way, you still give your employees a workplace where they can meet and work together while paying only for the space they use. Another benefit is that most coworking spaces offer flexible payment options that allow people to pay, for example, month-to-month.

      2. Networking

      What better way to expand your horizons than networking? Shared office spaces make networking way easier since they allow people to meet regularly and learn from one another. Even if your company has a private office, employees still access the building’s common areas where people from different backgrounds and companies meet. This will benefit the employees by absorbing new information and could positively impact the firm in the long term.

      3. Agility

      We live in a fast-moving world where we must adapt daily to changes. The same goes for our business needs. Collaborative workspaces give you that agility, deliver the flexibility that employees want, and let them decide how they work best. Giving your employees a chance to choose from different options could help them perform better at work and enhance their productivity. Another benefit is that your business can be expanded easily without committing to inflexible leases in a traditional office.

      4. Scalability

      No matter your company’s size, there will come a moment when it will probably expand, and collaborative workspaces can help you scale. Companies grow and change all the time, and a shared office will help you adapt quickly to changes. You are expanding and you need more room for your employees? A shared workspace could offer you that flexibility.

      5. All-inclusive amenities

      Unlike the traditional office, where you must pay for all your amenities, a collaborative workspace includes everything your business needs to function properly, such as Wi-Fi, water, gas, and electricity. Some shared workspaces offer other utilities like printing, kitchen supplies, tea, and coffee.

      How to know whether your business needs a shared workspace?

      If you are still wondering whether your business needs a shared workspace, consider the wide range of options it provides. Think about your employees and all the ways a collaborative workplace could benefit them and help them build valuable connections. Many companies occupy shared workspaces and create this feeling of a diverse ecosystem where your employees can grow and exchange daily ideas. Workers are what makes a good-functioning firm, and their well-being and comfort are a top priority. Moreover, a shared workspace will allow you to pay only for the space you need, where all the amenities are very often included. 

      Shared offices are a brand-new approach to business development in an inspiring environment. And anyone who would like to experience that should give it a go.