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      Top 5 advantages of the flexible working space over the traditional office


      The dream of every entrepreneur or business owner is to grow their business. Until recently, flexible office spaces were mainly used by small teams, freelancers, startups, and entrepreneurs. However, this trend is slowly changing. Many multinational and large-scale businesses benefit from the flexible workspace solutions not only in Bulgaria but worldwide.

      A flexible office space is a workspace designed to provide variety of different ways and places to work. It can be easily rearranged to accommodate the changing needs of the business.

      Here are the top 5 benefits of the flexible working space:

      1. Professional image
      If you want your business to be successful, cultivating a professional image is essential. Working from a flexible working space such as MyFlex gives more confidence than working from home. It will impress both customers and partners, in addition to being useful for getting work done. Clients interested in investing often want to check where their investments are going. Utilizing a flexible workspace in a class A office buildings like Megapark will ultimately help in creating an extra level of client trust.

      2. Higher agility
      In the business world, once you begin to grow, you often need more hands to manage the responsibilities. Unfortunately, there are times when you have to make cost-cuts and reduce staff, which of course affects the working process. In this case, the flexibility and agility that serviced offices are giving, might be exactly what your business needs to survive. As an extra bonus, at MyFlex we host various events for our tenants which we believe are vital element for the community and create great networking opportunities.

      3. Short-term leasing model
      Growing a business is risky and taking out a lease may create additional challenges. Short-term leases are ideal for businesses who don’t want to be on the hook for unpaid rent if their operations go south. The option provides a low-risk rent opportunity while owners develop their business lines. This way, any changes such as team expansion or even the need to transition your entire team to fully remote work can be easily handled. Main advantage is that you’re not tied into a long-term lease, which you likely wouldn’t make the most of anyway in today’s hybrid work environment.

      4. Market volatility protection
      A unique benefit that you gain from a serviced office space is the protection you get from a volatile market. You can preserve your capital and spend as little as you need in the challenging times and give your business the space it needs to grow. The changes of the industry will not affect your business, and you can be confident that it will survive and thrive as there is no unnecessary burden on it.

      5. Advantage of new markets
      Whether you are expanding globally or opening new branches across the country, the knowledge that you do not have to lease spaces across the world will increase your confidence. Serviced office providers like MyFlex are offering all-inclusive experience and ongoing support. A lease on flexible office space is easier to manage, as you can increase or reduce the space occupied according to your company’s specific needs.

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